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Moving Heavy Furniture without Breaking the Bank | Jake Removals

Furniture Removals

Moving heavy furniture can be a nightmare, especially if you do not have a plan. Jake Removals and Storage have come up with some tips to help you with your next move on a budget.

Hiring a removalist company does not have to be costly. We offer affordable services for your moving needs, from furniture movers to pool table movers.

Moving Heavy Furniture

moving heavy furniture furniture

Many people do not know where to start when they decide to move heavy furniture on their own. Why not consider a removalist company instead? There are several advantages associated with hiring one

  1. You will be less stressed. It is our job to lessen the burden on moving. On your moving day, you will be attending to more important matters such as looking after your children.
  2. We know the steps of moving heavy furniture. Our movers have knowledge and over 20 years of experience to ensure that your furniture will be safely moved without damage.
  3. We have the necessary equipment that you may not consider. We offer padding and wrapping for your heavy furniture and more importantly, well-equipped vehicles such as our extensive fleet of trucks.
  4. You are less likely to get an injury. Moving heavy furniture requires multiple people and the right equipment. Hiring a removalist company, like us, removes the risk of getting hurt.

Moving Pianos

moving heavy furniture piano

Pianos are heavy and fragile. An upright piano weighs around 130kg and a baby grand piano weighs more than 200 kilograms. There is a misconception that pianos look sturdy, given their weight. However, pianos contain strings, pedals and keys that can get damaged easily.

There are many things to consider when moving pianos on your own. You need to gather a few strong people to assist you, get the right equipment such as tape, straps and a moving dolly, move the piano into the moving truck, secure it inside the truck and remove it from the truck. Sounds tedious, doesn’t it? Why not hire a removalist company to save you the work and time? Sure, you will initially save some money but do you really want to cut corners on your valuable piano?

Jake piano movers ensure that your piano is carefully moved and safely packed. We offer the right equipment such as our purpose built hydraulic tailgate lifts which allow pianos to be easily moved. For added security, we provide insurance for every move and you are covered up to $50 000 and you will get public liability claims of $20 million if necessary.

Moving Pool Tables

Pool tables weigh up to 1000 kilograms. You may think moving a pool table is similar to moving a dining table, but it simply is not. It is a tricky process that involves several steps such as dismantling the pillars, loading the legs and assembling the legs. We strongly recommend hiring a removalist company to handle these aspects and avoiding the DIY approach as it may cause injury to you or damage to your pool table.

Jake pool table removalists ensure that your pool table is moved and protected using specialised equipment to avoid any damage. Our friendly removalists are highly experienced in moving your pool table. For added security, we also provide insurance for your goods and you are covered up to $50 000 and you will get public liability claims of $20 million if necessary.

If you are looking for affordable removalists in Melbourne without breaking the bank, please contact Jake Removals and Storage at 1300 766 658 or 0433 955 908. Alternatively, you can email info@jakemove.com.au to receive a quote.


Furniture Removals Thomastown to Frankston | Jake Move

Frankston furniture removals

Planning a move isn’t always easy, but with Jake Move it can be! As your #1 movers in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on making your moving experience and furniture removals stress free! Mrs. Kaufman gave us a call when she was helping her daughter move from their family home in Thomastown to a new place in Frankston. She thought it would be much easier to move everything all at once instead of making multiple trips back and forth, being over an hour-long journey. She had sustained a back injury last year so she needed people she could rely on to help move large objects. With her daughter’s bed, a fridge and desks, it’s a good thing she called Jake Move for help!

Thomastown furniture removals

Tomastown furniture removals

Two members of our crew set out in our 8 tonne truck to Thomastown last week and had Mrs. Kaufman’s daughter’s belongings packed and ready to go in record time! Our efficient work, alongside keeping her delicate items safe, impressed our new client immensely. We moved a small chandelier and other glass objects, no problem.

We drove down to Frankston, getting to the new house a few minutes ahead of schedule. After arriving at the house in Frankston, we moved everything up to her second story place with ease, within two short hours! Mrs. Kaufman and her daughter had previously had trouble with other movers and were first time customers of ours. Our professionalism and timeliness for the cost incurred made the customer ecstatic! They assured us that they wouldn’t hesitate to call Jake Move next time they needed help with furniture removals. They also referred us to a friend who will be moving shortly and using our services. We love making sure every customer knows we will go above and beyond to make their moving process easier.

Frankston furniture removals

At Jake Move we guarantee that the job will get done right at an unbeatable price – whether it’s furniture  furniture removals and storage, office moving or anything in between, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today at 1300 766 658 or shoot us an email at info@jakemove.com.au for a free quote.




Jake Move is stocked with all the equipment you need for your move. Easy! One of our regular customers, Mr Kangman, wanted to transport all of his shop’s furniture and goods from his storage area to his garage at home. In fact, he had more than 20 pallets of goods to remove.

As such, we sent in an 8 tonne truck and two men to Springvale for the massive move. Our two removalists made it easy to remove his goods by bringing in our pallet jack to complete the job in just 2.5 hours! Mr Kangman called in just to tell us that our men were professional, friendly and experienced at doing a great job. In addition to returning as a customer in future, he would also recommend our company to his friends.


You can call us at 1300 766 658 for a free quote and start booking quality removals in Melbourne today! We also provide storage for Melbourne residents.

Here’s another story of a successful moving service carried out by us from Mount Martha to Korumburra.



Cheap Removalists Melbourne

Jake Move is your best bet for cheap removalists Melbourne. Not even a 4 hour drive from regional Victoria to inner Melbourne is too difficult for our handy team. Miss Karlie wanted two bedrooms of furniture to be moved from the East Coast straight into Eltham. She called us for a quote and revealed that another company had quoted her $4000 in total, but we only charged her for half of that amount!

Cheap Removalists Melbourne

We sent out two of our men driving an 8 tonne truck to Lake Tyers Beach and then to Eltham and back to complete the removal around Melbourne. After our men finished her job, she called our office and gave us great feedback about how we were very careful with her things. She even told us that she would recommend our company to all of her friends.

Give us a ring at 1300 766 658 for your free quote and start booking quality removals in Melbourne today! We also provide storage for Melbourne residents.

Here’s another story of a successful moving service carried out by us in Rowville.


Furniture Removals


Jake Move is careful and swift with every removal job we do, no matter how heavy and large the items are. Miss Mikki Lowrey needed furniture removals to move massive items out of four bedrooms from her home in Rowville, including a large heavy eight-seater dining table made of glass (hard to move and fragile).

Movers Melbourne

Miss Lowrey was incredibly happy with our service, and told us that we accomplished all that she needed help with properly and carefully. All it took was two of our mighty removalists and our 8 tonne truck to do the furniture removals.

Contact us at 1300 766 658 for your free quote today and start booking quality removals in Melbourne! P.S. We also provide storage for Melbourne residents.

Here’s another story of a successful moving service carried out by us from Rosanna to Kew.





SEO Melbourne Jake Move

With Jake Move, you’ll never have to make a second call. Mr. Dowding had previously booked another removalist for his massive move from an area located upstairs of a building in Rosanna to Amanda Addams Auctions in Kew. When they had arrived and taken a look at all of the items, they told him that they could not do it because it was too heavy for them. Amanda Addams Auctions highly recommended Jake Move to him and we received their booking shortly after.

We offered him 3 furniture removalists and a 10t truck to help him with the heavy move and the guys even carefully removed a very large marble table top down the stairs.

At last, all of the items were successfully transported to the auction shop without any damages. Impressed with our service, Mr. Dowding even gave us a call afterwards to express his appreciation for completing the tough job. He even said that he will not hesitate to recommend Jake Move to his friends if they need hassle-free movers in Melbourne.

Call us at 1300 766 658  for your free quote today about our quality removals in Melbourne! P.S. We don’t stop at that, because we also provide storage for Melbourne residents!

Here’s another story of a successful moving service carried out by us from Mitcham to Mooroolbark.


Furniture Removals Mitcham to Mooroolbark | Jake Move

Jake Move | Furniture Removals Mitcham to Mooroolbark

Jake Move was contacted in early November for a furniture removal job. Felicity runs a furniture display factory outlet for any properties for sale in the Eastern suburbs. She is another one of our long-term clients who hires our services due to the need and demand from her business. On many occasions she has hired our furniture removals Mitcham services to remove display furniture for property sale.



On this occasion, the furniture removals Mitcham job required our men to remove display furniture from the factory outlet in Mitcham to a property sale in Mooroolbark. We offered her 2 men and an 8T truck that can roughly fit items from an average 3-4 bedroom. A short 20 minute drive east from the CBD, our moving men ensured a smooth and efficient removal job for her once again. It’s not the first time our guys have helped Felicity remove various different types of furniture from her storage area to different property places. However each time our guys always make sure that each furniture item is moved safely and securely and carefully placed in the moving van before proceeding to the respective place. Each furniture item is also properly dismantled and re-assembled back to its original state upon arrival at the new location.


Felicity continues to use our service as our guys also make sure to perform each furniture removals Mitcham job with high professionalism and care. There has never been any harm or damage on furniture items and all items are delivered without a scratch on anything. Once again our guys tackled her furniture removal request with ease and the job was completed in record time whilst still being within her budget.


For hassle free removal and storage services, you can always trust our men from Jake Move. Contact us at 1300 766 658 to find out more on our removal and storage services or to get a free quote today.


Furniture Removalists Mentone to Beaumaris | Jake Move

Furniture Removalists Mentone to Beaumaris

Early in November, Laurent enlisted Jake Move to help her in moving houses from Mentone to Beaumaris. Laurent was previously a homeowner living in a large house in Mentone, moving only a short 4.5km away. The whole move spanned only an estimated 10min drive. However moving houses can be a stressful ordeal for any homeowner with the worry of protecting your precious household items and furniture plaguing you even in your dreams. Luckily our reliable movers assured her that her items would be safe and secure in their hands.

She booked for 3 of our experienced and helpful men and a 10T truck to help with the process of her moving houses. Our guys first carefully dismantled her beds and other furniture properly so as to not damage anything pre-move. Large items such as her leather couch, big double door fridge and other items were wrapped in heavy duty blankets to ensure they would survive the move without any wear and tear. All the items were then assembled onto the truck, making sure everything was in place and no item would roll around and get damaged in the process.

Furniture Removalists Mentone

After successfully packing everything neatly into the moving truck, we made the trip up to Beaumaris where Laurent’s new home resided. After arriving our movers realized that a few items she owned were too large and heavy and would not be able to fit through her new home’s front door. Luckily our expert movers identified this problem early on before trying to shove the items through the door. Instead our team moved them through the balcony to get to the upstairs or her new home. In no time all the items were placed in her new house and Laurent was extremely pleased with our furniture removalists Mentone services

Laurent was ecstatic with our team’s helpful service, saying that she really appreciated our team’s hard work. Laurent commended our guys for doing a great job with her move by removing every item from her old place and moving them into her new place with such ease and care. There were no damage to the items and it was a successful job overall.

To take away all the stress and worry in moving houses, contact the best furniture removalists Mentone wide. Call us at 1300 766 658 to find out more about our removal services or to get a free quote today.

Furniture Removalists Glen Waverley | Jake Move

Removalists Melbourne-Furniture Removalists Glen Waverley

When living in your dream house – or any house for that matter – it’s easy to get carried away with filling up your personal space with a truckload of furniture…and honestly, a whole bunch of other stuff! That’s why when Lily reached out to Jake Move for moving services, she was somewhat concerned about the amount of stuff that needed moving. The Jake Move team, however, assured the client that she was going to witness the best furniture removalists Glen Waverley had ever seen.

Part of Lily’s belongings involved a giant trampoline that had been assembled a few years ago when she initially bought the house. Now here’s where the challenge kicked in: the trampoline could not be dismantled, which meant the movers had to consider carrying it from the backyard, around the house to the front yard where the truck was located. This is where the second problem kicked in. The pathway leading from the back to the front of the house was covered by roof, rendering it physically impossible to take that route.

Ultimately, it was decided that the trampoline was going to be lifted and carried over the house – by no means any easy feat. But this is where Jake Move thrives. Well-prepared for any kind of job, and the technical know-how to solve these types of issues, the guys found a way to pull it off.Lily was truly impressed by the professionalism and level of commitment the team had shown her. It was easy to see why Jake Move has a reputation for being the best furniture removalists Glen Waverley had to offer.

If you require the professional services of the best removalists Melbourne has to offer, contact Jake Move for storage and removal services. Not only reliable and efficient, Jake Move likes to do things the right way. Since lifting and moving heavy equipment can put quite a strain the human body, it’s important to address the right safety precautions from the get-go.

Part of guaranteeing efficiency in the removals process comes down to the safety procedures that are undertaken by all Jake Move professionals – and it doesn’t have to apply to just storage and removal jobs. If you’re interested in more information on workplace safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.

Truck-Furniture Removalists Glen Waverley

Furniture Removalists Camberwell | Jake Move

Are you searching for the best furniture removalists Camberwell has to offer? This week Jake Move was contacted by a client by the name of Chris, who was need of removal services to transfer his furniture from his home in Camberwell to a different property in Box Hill.

The tricky thing about this particular client was that Chris had to book job on short notice. He received an urgent message regarding his property, and mentioned that he needed to move his belongings immediately. At first, Chris wasn’t sure what he needed to do, since everything had happened so quickly, but then remembered a recommendation that was verbalised to him by his friend regarding Jake Move.

Upon receiving Chris’ call, we sent two professional removalists out to his property with our largest 10ft trucks, and managed to move all of the client’s furniture the next day. They started the process by wrapping all of the client’s furniture in protective gear to avoid damaging the belongings. Then, using the appropriate professional equipment, all the furniture was carefully carried and relocated to the back of the moving truck.

Chris was stunned by the level of professionalism and efficiency displayed by Jake Move, and went on to reiterate that these guys truly are the most reliable furniture removalists Camberwell has to offer. He also mentioned that the guys did a great job handling the furniture with care, and felt absolutely relieved that the job was completed on time.

If you’re on the hunt for the best furniture removalists Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Jake Move! This storage and removalists team is comprised of reliable, trained professionals, who make moving furniture equipment look easy. 

Storage and removal jobs are always at risk of exposing workers to potential hazards, which is why it’s vital to follow the correct safety procedures to protect yourself and others from harm. For more information on storage and warehousing safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.


Packing and Loading-Furniture Removalists Camberwell