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At Jake Self Storage Melbourne, we collect your furniture or office stuff. We remove and pack your stuff into storage boxes, then we store in our warehouse facility. We re-deliver your stuff or furniture, when your new house or offices are ready. This is mobile storage Melbourne service. So we collect, pack, unload your household stuff or office furniture. You will be totally stress-free during the whole removal and storage process.

Storage security – Jake Self Storage recognizes that security is a primary issue for our customers. That is why we offer the best security available.

  • 24 hour alarm monitoring
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • Key pad entry
  • Locked and secure warehouse

We Collect

We remove and collect your furniture from your house and offices. You will be totally stress-free during the whole removal and storage process.

We Pack

We move and pack your stuff into storage boxes, you lock them. Jake Storage provides free forklift use and Free blankets protection.

We Store

We store your boxes in our secure storage facility. Protected by 24 hour alarm monitoring and 24 hour video surveillance.

We Deliver

Mobile storage that comes to you

  • We bring mobile storage boxes to your place
  • FREE

We Load (Unload)

  • Rate: (Mon – Fri)
  • 2 Men
  • $95/hour+GST
  • Rate: (Sat. Sun. Pub.)
  • 2 Men
  • $99/hour+GST
  • If you have piano or pool table, extra charge applies.

We Store (Monthly)

The MORE storage boxes you get the CHEAPER your rate per storage boxes becomes

  • 1 storage box
  • 8 m3
  • $100/month +GST                    
  • 2 storage box
  • 16 m3
  • $180/month+GST ($90+GST each per month)
  • 3 storage box
  • 24 m3
  • $240/month+GST ($80+GST each per month)
  • 4 storage box
  • 36 m3
  • $320/month+GST ($80+GST each per month)
  • Note:  4 storage boxes are as big as a 20-foot shipping container

Re-delivery (End of the storage)

We bring storage boxes back to your NEW place

  • First storage box
  • Rate from: $79                
  • Second storage box thereafter
  • Rate from: $49                
  • This Re-delivery rate is based on the distance less than 30 kms from Notting Hill. Will charge more for the first storage box if more than 30 kms.
  • If you store your stuff more than 6 months, free Re-delivery

Mobile storage box size:

Storage box dimension: 2.35 m (L) * 2.3 m (H) * 1.5 m (W)

Storage box capacity: 8 Cubic Metres

*They fit king size beds, fridges and couches.

  • 1 – 2 storage boxes
  • 1 bedroom stuff
  • 2 – 3 storage boxes
  • 2 bedroom stuff
  • 3 – 4 storage boxes
  • 3 bedroom stuff
  • 4 – 5 storage boxes
  • 4 bedroom stuff
  • 5 – 6 storage boxes
  • 5 bedroom stuff
  • if you are not sure how many storage boxes you need, order an extra one. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.
  • Each storage box store up to 1 Tonne

*All prices exclude GST

Stress Free

Flexibility and convenience

Sturdy construction

Free no-fuss access

Total security

We care your belongings

Easy and efficient, Highly Recommended. We stored 3 bedroom+ study stuff into 5 storage boxes for 3 monthes. Jake self storage put everything in safe and dry palce. Staffs are friendly, caring and helpful to accommodating our needs. Will definitely use it again and recommend it to everyone.


Excellent service, we used Jake self storage while selling our house. The teams were professional and efficient from beginning to end. We were particularly impressed with the time taken by the booking people and two removalists. I will highly recommend them for storage or moving.


 Great storage and moving option- super easy. Amazing customer service, they made everything simple and easy. Great value for money as well considering they also do removals service. Movers are professional and careful during moving and storage. Thanks Jake removals & storage again.


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