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Two Bedroom Removals Job from Brunswick East to West Footscray by Jake Removals Melbourne

  • Katrina contacted us by email through our website requested a quote.
  • After contacting Katrina by phone and after and conversation we were advised that she required a move from her 2 bedroom home in Brunswick East to West Footscray.
  • She advised that her home had all the usual items of furniture but had an overly large bed that required to be moved upstairs at the second property.
  • We advised Katrina that we would require our 6T truck, a medium sized truck just the right size for a 2 bedroom home and it has a hydraulic lift on the back which would be great for moving the bulky items including the large bed.
  • The removers assigned to this move were our team of Eric and Jack. They are both great removalists with years of experience between them. Both very friendly, hard working, efficient and dedicated to their job and providing great customer service.
  • The guys did an excellent job with the move and even managing the difficult task of getting a large heavy bed up a narrow stair case.
  • Katrina advised us saying” Jake’s removals were punctual, professional and friendly. They were very careful and efficient and were able to move our bed our bed upstairs which was a very difficult task. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for Furniture Removals Melbourne.”
  • Great work guys, another amazing effort and a 5/5 Star review.

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Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Furniture Removalists Melbourne