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Upright Piano Move From Frankston to Beaumaris by Jake Piano Movers Melbourne

Upright Piano Moving From Frankston to Beaumaris by Jake Piano Movers Melbourne

Moving an upright piano from one place to another is no easy feat. It requires great care and expertise; something many people lack. Fortunately, that is where professional movers like us, Jake Piano Movers Melbourne, come in – filling the gap so that you don’t have to. So when we got a call to help a client move three upright pianos from Frankston to Beaumaris, we were excited, excited that a customer would trust us so much.

The customer had just bought the pianos from a store and was eager to get them home quickly and safely. While the distance from the Frankston store to his Beaumaris home was a short one, we wanted to ensure that nothing went wrong safety-wise. First of all, our three-man team from Jake Piano Movers Melbourne carefully placed a four-wheel piano dolly under each of the pianos. This made it easy to ease them out of the store.

To ensure maximum safety, we moved them slowly into the company truck we had packed out front. Before going into the store, we had dutifully opened the back of the truck and placed a ramp between its bottom edge and the road. This is the ramp that we now used to slide the pianos into the truck. For further safety, we taped the lids over the keyboards, wrapped the pedals with plastic wrap, wrapped all sides of the pianos with heavy cloth and used padding all over them.

This ensured that they were secure and didn’t suffer any sudden movements throughout the ride. While the whole journey took only 30 minutes, as a professional piano movers Melbourne, we wanted to ensure that the pianos got the best treatment. Needless to say, the customers were elated when we delivered them safe and sound.

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