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New Home Buyer Moved New Purchased Furniture to Our Storage Facility

New Home Buyer Moved New Purchased Furniture to Our Storage Facility

Victoria was looking for self-storage facility because she wanted to store some new large furniture before moving to the new house. She came to us by searching “Storage Melbourne” on Google and told us her requirement over the phone. Victoria purchased a new house and supposed to move in this September. However, the settlement was delayed due the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, some new furniture bought which bought from overseas cannot be moved into their new house. They have now arrived and sitting in the depot to be collected. Victoria also cannot send those furniture to their existing house as it is too small. These furniture sets were all unassembled and well packed in the carton so our mobile storage boxes (1m x 2m x 2m) are really suitable for her needs.

We booked a 4T truck for Victoria to collect all big cartons from the wharf and delivered to our warehouse in Notting Hill. All her stuff perfectly filled up 3 mobile storage boxes. Our customer can hire the storage box month by month and there is no locked contract which is very flexible. Victoria was really happy with this solution and she will contact us as soon as her new house is settled. We can then book another move to deliver her furniture as well as providing un-pack service if required. She also shared this story on her social media and said will recommend Jake Removals Melbourne to her friends too.

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