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Mobile Storage: The Ultimate Solution for Convenient and Secure Moving with Jake Move in Melbourne

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In essence, Jake Move’s mobile storage service provided Sarah with a hassle-free, secure, and flexible storage solution that perfectly catered to her needs during her move.

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Mobile Storage Services: Seamless Moving with Melbourne Jakemover

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My experience with Melbourne Jakemover Mobile Storage was outstanding. Their professional, customer-focused approach made a potentially stressful move so much easier.

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Mobile Storage Excellence: A Flawless House Move with Melbourne Jakemove

The combination of flexibility, convenience, exceptional customer service, and professional handling of my belongings made this the best moving experience I have ever had.

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Melbourne Mobile Storage House Moving with Jakemove


Melbourne Mobile Storage, provided by Jakemove, proved to be an invaluable asset that surpassed all expectations during my recent relocation of my storage house. Herein lies an account of how this innovative solution revolutionized my moving experience.

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Jakemove’s Mobile Storage Solutions for Melbourne City Office Relocation


Our experience with Jakemove’s mobile storage solutions for office relocation in Melbourne city surpassed our expectations. For businesses planning a move in Melbourne, Jakemove is undoubtedly the go-to solution for a seamless transition.

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Streamlining Relocations with Mobile Storage Melbourne by Jakemove

Mobile Storage Melbourne by JakeMove

Mobile Storage Melbourne by Jake Move emerges as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of relocations. With its seamless convenience, tailored solutions, professional customer service, and cost-effective pricing, Jake Move sets the standard for excellence in the storage and relocation industry.

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Seamless Moving Experience with JakeMove Mobile Storage Solution!

JakeMove Mobile Storage Solution exceeded my expectations in every aspect. If you’re in need of a reliable, efficient, and customer-friendly moving solution, look no further.

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Exceptional Mobile Storage Solution – JakeMove Delivers Excellence

The affordability of JakeMove’s mobile storage service is another noteworthy aspect. In comparison to other options in the market, JakeMove offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service.


Excellent communication and service with Jake Removals and Storage


You know this is not the first time hiring movers for us. But this experience with Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne is something we will never forget. We bought some classy, second-hand furniture at an auction and wanted to bring it to our place in Melbourne. We called some of the movers we had previously taken services- some were not available for the work, some said they wouldn’t do interstate moving, and some quoted extremely high prices.

That weekend, some friends came over for a small get-together at our house, and we happened to mention this whole moving fiasco. Fortunately, one of them gave us the contact of Jake Removals and said to call them the following day itself. They spoke highly of the movers, and we were already convinced to hire them.

The next day, we called Jake Removals, and everything was so swift and smooth. The first thing they told us was, “just let us know what we are picking up and from where. We will take care of the rest for you”. This itself gave us a lot of assurance.

Within the evening, they sent us the quote for the move and explained every process in detail. The details included how many movers would be there, how the items would be packed and loaded, the truck details, the contact number of the mover and the truck driver, the pick-up and estimated drop timings etc.

The whole process was stress-free, and they delivered the furniture without a single scratch, right on time. Honestly, if we have any other moving requirements, we would contact Jake Removals only, without hesitation. We wish we had known them earlier because they have been extremely professional, and we didn’t even have to call them constantly asking for updates. If you’re looking for any kind of furniture moving services in Melbourne, give them a call at 1300 766 658 or send an online quote and you won’t regret it.

You can also check our storage solution price.


Renovation in Peace – Jake Removals & Storage Melbourne

Storage Melbourne

At Jake Removals and Storage, we take the storage side of our business just as seriously as we take the removals side. Immediately a client reaches out for help with storage, we swoop into action. In fact, we had to do this just recently when we were approached by a client who was in the middle of renovating their home and needed a storage facility for their furniture until their renovation was done.

The client was renovating a four-bedroom house and had a lot of furniture that he and his family were worried about. As such, they needed the move to be done immediately. This wasn’t a problem though – once we were done discussing their storage needs, we quickly gave them a quote and planned for the day of the move.

On the agreed-upon day, we arrived early and quickly and carefully moved all the furniture to our storage facility. Everything was wrapped in a blanket and carried carefully to the storage site. Throughout the furniture’s stay in our storage facility, we ensured it remained safe and secure.

Thanks to our 24-hour video surveillance, 24-hour alarm monitoring, and keypad entry system though, this wasn’t difficult. And on the day that the client’s home renovation was over, we promptly transported the furniture to the home and unpacked it. Ultimately, the client and his family were so happy with our services that they referred some of their friends and relatives to us.

If you have the requirements for moving houses and self-storage solutions, please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.


Storage Melbourne