Removals and Storage Melbourne

Terms & Conditions

When hiring Jake Removals and Storage, the Following terms and conditions apply:

•  Payment must be finalised with the driver on job completion. If the customer does not finalise account on job completion, the overdue account will be referred to a debt collection agency, or law firm for collection. Any commissions, agency costs and legal costs incurred will be added to the amount outstanding and form part of the debt payable by the customer.

•  Cash or Visa/Master credit cards acceptable only.

•  3% surcharge applied to credit card payment.

•  Minimum 2 hours charge and half hour increments after.

•  2 hour fee applies for last minute cancellations.

•  $30 toll charge applies if Citylink or Eastlink is used.

•  Extra charge for upright piano, pool table, and similar items.

•  Insurance covers from commencement of job until job completion. Insurance is up to $50,000. All damage of claims must be reported to office before signing off move.

•  We don’t take responsibility for pre existing damage. If your contents are worth more than this, we advise you take additional cover.

•  If Jake Removalist accepts it is at fault of damage, repairs will be conducted by repairers appointed by Jake Removalist only.

•  Jake Removalist will not be liable for any parking infringements. Please arrange parking permit where necessary.

•  Pot Plants, Glass and Glassware are not insured.

•  Jake removalist will not be remove possession that have not been safely packed and ready to move.

•  We are strictly governed by worksafe. If you have booked 2 men removal services and items are heavier than a 2 men lift, we will not move these items.

•  Any special offer or promotion provided by Jake Removalist is not available to be used inconjuction with any other special offer offered on this website or in the market place.

•  Marble/concrete top table insurance cover – Due to the nature and size of marble and/or concrete top dining tables the length of our insurance for these items only goes as far as if it is dropped by our movers. The reasoning behind this is as these items can crack from its own weight sometimes when being moved and when the top is separated from the base.

•  Cancelled bookings and/or misinformation – If our workers arrive to a booking and due to circumstances out of their control or we have been given the incorrect information in regards to the property and or the items being moved which creates a situation where the movers are unable to perform the move we require a 2 hour minimum charge and also the cost of the call out fee to cover costs.

•  Door to door and overnight charges – Our door to door policy when holding items overnight is as follow: We start charging the hourly rate when loading starts at the pickup address until the truck arrives back to our depot and re starts when leaving our depot the following morning until items are all unloaded at the delivery address. The overnight fee covers holding the items overnight only.

•  Half hour increments – When booking with two men we have a two hour minimum charge and when booking three men there is a four hour minimum charge. After the minimum hours we charge by half hour increments which translates to even a few minutes into the half hour we charge for a full half hour.

•  Security Booking Deposit policy:

We require booking deposit when you make a booking. However if you cancel your booking we do not refund deposit.

If the customer cancel booking with short notice (24 hours before moving date), extra cancellation fees will be charged.