Removals Insurance

Jake Removals provides Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances to covers damages of all of clients’ goods and properties against unexpected accidents.

  • Goods in Transit insurance claims insured goods is up to $50, 000.
  • Our Public Liability insurance compensation can be up to $20, 000, 000

Goods in Transit covers:

  • Any damage or scratches caused during loading or unloading.
  • Theft, pilferage or non-delivery.


  • We do not charge extra every time for insurance, only if a claim is made an excess of $500 applied to customer.
  • We will repair any small damages or scratches to goods or properties caused by our removalists during relocation first.
  • Any damages must be reported to the office before signing off your move.

Goods in Transit does not cover:

  • Fridge, TVs, Washing Machine or other electronic items where there has been no external damage caused by Jake Removals
  • Glass items, Pot plants, Marble items, Furniture items made from particle board, and boxed contents that have not been packed by our removalists.
  • Any damages caused by customer or people other than our removalists during the move.

Storage Insurance

We will provide the indemnity for damages caused by Fire and Perils or accidental damages to property insured, whilst at the situation.

Fire and Perils Means,

  1. Fire resulting from explosion, Lightning or thunderbolt, attempts by civil authorities to prevent the spread of fire.
  2. Impact by aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom, sonic boom.
  3. Earthquake, subterranean fire, volcanic eruption, tsunami.
  4. Storm, tempest, rainwater, snow, sleet, wind, hail
  5.  Explosion

Our storage insurance covers compensation up to $2,000 for each 8 m3 storage unit. We don’t have extra charge for storage insurance, but if the client wants to make a claim, an excess fee of $500 is applied to the customer.

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