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Uni Studnet Moved to City Apartment by Jake Removals Melbourne

Uni Studnet Moved to City Apartment by Jake Removals Melbourne

Mia is a Uni student and had come to us from a friend referral. She felt really confident and said she did not even check other Melbourne removalists. Her renting apartment in Melbourne CBD expired by the end of September so Mia was going to move to another bigger apartment as the renting price in CBD dropped due to the number of oversea students.

We booked a 4T truck for Mia because she didn’t have too many stuffs to move. On the moving day, our team members arrived on time however they were stopped by the apartment management staff. They were asked for special working permit during Melbourne Stage 4 lockdown. Jake Removals planned everything as soon as Stage 4 restriction has been announced, so our staff shown their working permit as well as Jake Removals’ COVID Safe Plan on our website. Everything was under control. The move was within Melbourne CBD and took around 3 hours. Mia was satisfied with our boys and left a five-star review on Google. Good Job boys!

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