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Are you searching for the best furniture removalists Camberwell has to offer? This week Jake Move was contacted by a client by the name of Chris, who was need of removal services to transfer his furniture from his home in Camberwell to a different property in Box Hill.

The tricky thing about this particular client was that Chris had to book job on short notice. He received an urgent message regarding his property, and mentioned that he needed to move his belongings immediately. At first, Chris wasn’t sure what he needed to do, since everything had happened so quickly, but then remembered a recommendation that was verbalised to him by his friend regarding Jake Move.

Upon receiving Chris’ call, we sent two professional removalists out to his property with our largest 10ft trucks, and managed to move all of the client’s furniture the next day. They started the process by wrapping all of the client’s furniture in protective gear to avoid damaging the belongings. Then, using the appropriate professional equipment, all the furniture was carefully carried and relocated to the back of the moving truck.

Chris was stunned by the level of professionalism and efficiency displayed by Jake Move, and went on to reiterate that these guys truly are the most reliable furniture removalists Camberwell has to offer. He also mentioned that the guys did a great job handling the furniture with care, and felt absolutely relieved that the job was completed on time.

If you’re on the hunt for the best furniture removalists Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Jake Move! This storage and removalists team is comprised of reliable, trained professionals, who make moving furniture equipment look easy. 

Storage and removal jobs are always at risk of exposing workers to potential hazards, which is why it’s vital to follow the correct safety procedures to protect yourself and others from harm. For more information on storage and warehousing safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.


Packing and Loading-Furniture Removalists Camberwell

Furniture Removalists Melbourne CBD | Jake Move

Removalists Melbourne-Furniture Removalists Melbourne CBD

Moving furniture can be difficult. Now imagine moving it through narrow laneways in a crowded city. This is precisely the task that stood before the Jake Move team. Their latest client, Yvonne, called up asking for the best furniture removalists Melbourne CBD has to offer, because this was going to be one challenging removal job.

Since Jake Move is always up to the task, they started by asking Yvonne some basic questions about the nature of her furniture and the layout of the apartment, followed by a reassurance that they would do everything they can to help out.

The job was carried out by two guys who moved the furniture from the second floor of Yvonne’s apartment. Prior to the move, all of the client’s furniture was wrapped in blankets for protection, as a safety precaution. It was then lifted and carefully manoeuvred around the apartment to prevent damage to the surroundings, before being placed into the truck. Working with heavy objects in confined spaces can be dangerous for workers, which is why the appropriate safety procedures should be carried out all times. For more information on visit WorkSafe Victoria.

While the guys experienced a few hiccups trying to move the larger couches to the bottom floor and through the tight laneways, overall the task was carried out with reasonable ease. All of Yvonne’s belongings were safely removed from her apartment without any scratches or damage to the furniture. She was incredibly pleased with the results!

Once the job was completed, she called our head office to personally thank the team that helped her with her move, saying “the two guys did an excellent job! They were very professional and efficient, and took a lot of care”.  Initially she was a bit concerned that some of her belongings might get damaged somewhere along the way, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that all her furniture was completely intact, exactly the same way it had been prior to the moving process.

If you’re in search of the most efficient furniture removalists Melbourne CBD has to offer, reach out to Jake Move to make that search a reality.


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Furniture Removalists Balwyn North | Jake Move

Melbourne Movers-Furniture Removalists Balwyn North

Moving can be complicated and stressful. When Ada, Jake Move’s latest client, reached out, she was in a state of panic over how many things she’d accumulated over the years without even realising it – that is of course, until the time came to move to her new home in Toorak. Ada contacted Jake Move requesting the best furniture removalists Balwyn North had ever seen.

This was by far one of the largest jobs for Jake Move. At the time of booking, Ada requested two of our largest 10ft trucks along with four movers. Her belongings spanned a good 90 cubic metres and needed to be collected from two different places before being moved to the new house in Toorak.

One of the most commonly underestimated things about moving is how much stuff we actually own. Much like in the case of Ada, it’s not always apparent until it needs to be gathered and transported to a new location. As a result, when Jake Move arrived at the property, she was deeply concerned about the time it would take to complete the process. The Jake Move Team assured Ada that they weren’t called the best furniture removalists Balwyn North had seen for nothing.

In the end, it took just one day for Jake Move to complete entire the job. Ada was ecstatic. Never having previously used a professional moving service, she was skeptical about the duration of the task when she realised how much furniture and other odd bulky items needed to be packed and taken away. Ultimately, when the job was complete, she was incredibly grateful and appreciative of her helpful movers and left 5-star feedback for the company.

If you’re on the hunt for the best removalists Melbourne can provide, the Jake Move team is ready to assist with any moving and storage services you may require. With professionally trained movers, and public liability insurance, it’s obvious why people are calling Jake Move the best furniture removalists Melbourne has to offer. Click here for more information on liability insurance and professional indemnity.

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Mobile Storage Melbourne Ringwood East | Jake Move

Moving can be a stressful exercise. It doesn’t matter much whether you’re moving across cities or even a couple of blocks down the road. While planning everything in advance and having detailed checklists can help mitigate some of the stress, moving houses can turn out to be nightmare for a lot of people. We here at Jake Removals Melbourne are a leading Removalists Melbourne service provider that understand this perfectly. Which is why it is our mission to provide the finest quality of assistance to all our clients in an endeavour to make  the effort a little less taxing. For our client Samantha, we facilitated with delivering our specialist Mobile Storage Melbourne Ringwood East boxes to her home, after which our removalist team got straight to work with packing her furniture by carefully wrapping them in our sturdiest quality of fabric blankets. After which we transported and stored her belongings at our storage facility for a period of two months. The team once again set to work with delivering and unpacking of her furniture at her brand new home, saving her additional costs that she would have otherwise had to incur. Samantha was truly pleased with our team’s diligent level of service and gave us a 5-star rating for our top-level assistance.

Ringwood East Melbourne Mobile Storage

Get in touch with our experienced Removalists Melbourne staff on 1300 766 658 or 0433 955 908 who are here to answer all your questions and will ensure that no stone is left unturned with regard to all your moving worries. You can also get a quote for our services online at

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Storage Melbourne Bentleigh East | Jake Movers

Storage Melbourne Bentleigh East

Coping with change is a mentally taxing issue that requires a great deal of dexterity. While moving homes can be a fundamental turning point in your life, with the right kind of support, it’s possible that even the most stressful transition is enjoyable. The team here at Jake Removals Melbourne take our jobs as a specialist Removalists Melbourne service seriously. By which we mean providing the highest quality of service for all our customers – new and existing. For our existing customer Harry, we made sure we went the extra mile for him once again. Harry was looking forward to moving to his new residential property in Bentleigh until unfortunate news struck when the property builder informed him that the project was going to be further delayed by another two weeks. Realising that this wasn’t the news he was expecting to hear, we stepped up to the challenge when he called us asking for assistance with our Storage Melbourne Bentleigh East services. The team here made the transition of moving and storing his belongings at our facility completely hassle-free. In fact, Harry was so impressed with our dedicated level of service that he called our office after the big move to pass on a massive vote of thanks for a job well done.

Storage Melbourne Bentleigh East

Need all the help you can get with a big upcoming move? Our expert team at Jake Removals Melbourne are here to help and go the extra mile to ensure that moving houses is not an ongoing source of stress in your life. Give us a call on 1300 766 658 or 0433 955 908 or alternatively reach out to us on our website at  and let our Removalists Melbourne team handle the rest for you.


Furniture Removal Mount Eliza To Edithvale | Jake Move

Melbourne Movers-Furniture Removal Mount Eliza

Recently Jake Move completed a large-scale home and furniture removal job from not one but two large houses situated along the south-eastern bay of Port Phillip. The entire furniture removal Mount Eliza and Aspendale homes, took place over four days, shifting the entire contents of the two homes to one large property in Edithvale.

Furniture Removal Mount Eliza-Melbourne Movers

The move was a little trickier than the typical removal job. Alongside packing up the contents of both properties, Jake Move also dismantled many large difficult pieces of furniture. Liaising with the client to complete the move, Jake Move reassembled all pieces of furniture placing each in their new position.

Jake Moves’ client Nathan commented on their professionalism, efficiency, friendless. Expressing an overall excellent service describing his needs for calling, not once but four times over the space of July and August, for separate moves to get the job done.  “Great Job Jake Move, would highly recommend and would use your services again”

Jake Removals Melbourne are specialists in Furniture Removals, Pool Table Removals, Piano Removals, Office Relocations & Storage Services in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs. Contact us for More information on you removal services.


Furniture Removal St Kilda To Officer | Jake Move

Furniture Removal St Kilda


Jake Removals was contacted in July to move furniture from a property in Officer to a property in St Kilda. The removalists had to be careful with transporting the furniture as it was an hour commute from Officer to St Kilda, however the client mentioned that the removalists were professional and polite and the whole process was handled extremely well by Jake Removals.

This move also required the removalists to move a big heavy table up 3 levels of stairs because it was too big to fit in the lift. The client commented that he was impressed that the table was not damaged. Communicating with the client was extremely important in this case to prevent any piece of furniture getting damaged.

This project only took one day to complete however, some projects do differ in longevity depending on the quantity of furniture that needs to be moved and how far the journey to move the furniture is.

If you are looking for furniture or office removalists in Melbourne look no further than Jake Removals! Jake Removals removalists specialise in furniture and office removals in Melbourne. Our removalists are extremely professional, reliable and efficient and make moving furniture or office equipment look easy! For a company you can trust, call Jake Removals on 1300 766 658 or send us an enquiry via our website.


Furniture Removals Mornington Peninsula To Berwick | Jake Move

Furniture Removals Mornington

Furniture Removals Mornington

Furniture Removals Mornington To Berwick. Jake Removals completed a standard removal job from a property in Mornington to another property in Berwick in June. This removal process took only 1 day, as the removalists at Jake Removals only had to move a few pieces of furniture.

This removal project was not particularly easy because the removalists had to figure out how to move a large and heavy sofa through a window. Communicating effectively with the client was of utmost importance, and our removalists did this with ease so that the furniture could be removed without generating any problems for the client.

If you are looking for a professional removalist company in Melbourne, Jake Removals Melbourne specialises in furniture and office removal and are located in Melbourne. Our company employs only professional, reliable and efficient removalists to get the job done, so if you are looking for a company you can trust, contact Jake Removals on 1300 766 658 or send us an enquiry via our site.