Customer Review – Fast And Reliable Office Move Job Done By Jake Office Movers Melbourne

Moving spaces is always a daunting task. It is doubly so when you’re moving office spaces and every piece of equipment needs to be handled with the utmost care. Consequently, it can also end up being a costly affair. These facts constantly kept me from taking the plunge and making the move. However, after the pandemic, the need to move my office space became something that needed immediate attention.

Sitting down with my team and contacting different movers only made my assumptions about moving to be an impossible task seem all the more true. That was until I came across Jake Removals. Having reached out to so many movers, I did not have any expectations when I reached out to Jake removals. I was prepared to be disappointed yet again. But, Jake Removals took me by surprise!

One conversation with them and almost all my concerns about moving my office space have been smashed to smithereens. They patiently listened to my requirements, my concerns, and inhibitions, and ensured me they would get back to me at the earliest with the best deal. Holding to that, I received a call from them, with a reasonable and affordable quote. They also took the time to explain the entire relocation process to me. They went over every minute detail with me. The number of trucks that’ll be required to move all the items from my office, the number of staff who would be involved in the process, and the time it would take for the entire move to be completed. Their reassurance that they would keep in mind to reduce the ‘operations downtime’ came as a relief.

All my office equipment, furniture, and every object was packed with the utmost care and loaded onto the trucks. The move was a hassle-free event and everything was as perfect as they promised it would be. I recommend Jake Removals if you’re looking for reliable movers.

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