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Vintage Furniture Removals In Melbourne – Recommended By Neighbour

Our parents were moving in with us and they had a few furniture that they wanted to take with them. It was close to them and almost vintage so we didn’t want to leave it at the old house to dust or even give it away.

It was quiet a pickle we were in. That’s when one of our neighbours suggested Jake Removals. They said they had an awesome experience with the team and would be perfect for our requirement.

Without hesitation we gave them a call. Let me tell you,  all our worries were taken away the moment we spoke to them. They asked us about our furniture, how many pieces are there, what’s the approximate size and all those information. They also didn’t make us wait for days to get a quote – it was as quick as it could get.

We fixed on a date that was okay for both of us and they came well prepared. They had everything with them to ensure safe moving of these furniture. We didn’t have to call them over and over again asking for confirmation, or updates from the day we placed the order to the day the furniture was moved. Everything was stress-free.

You know what’s the best part. They had communicated everything beforehand – how many people would come to help with the packing and loading, what’s the hourly rate, if we need to prepare anything from our end etc. Because of that, we didn’t have any worries. We knew exactly what the process was and to say that this was indeed a hassle-free experience for my aged parents.

The furniture was wrapped up neatly and loaded to their trucks carefully. They didn’t stuff up the furniture into a small truck to save money and cost, or do anything that would damage the furniture during transit.

We would 100% recommend the team at Jake Removals for anyone looking for affordable furniture removals in Melbourne. Give them a call, and you won’t regret it at all. Please call Jake Removalists & Storage Melbourne at 1300 766 658  or you can get an Instant Quote Online.