Double Storey Property Moving Job From Forrest Hill to Blackburn North

Removalists Melbourne

Four Bedroom Moving Job from Forrest Hill to Blackburn North by Jake Removals Melbourne

  • Rachael had contacted removals Melbourne over the phone to organise a quote.
  • She required a move from her 4 bed room single storey family home in Forrest Hill to a new double storey property in Blackburn North. The move would also be including an upright piano.
  • We advised Rachael that we would requiring our largest truck which is our 10T which is great for moving a standard 4 bed room home as it has a hydraulic lift on the back and plenty of room inside.
  • Our team assigned to this move was Robert and Jay, both highly experienced in the furniture removal industry. They work together very well and have great synergy with how to like to move and pack furniture creating a great moving experience for all.
  • All items are carefully wrapped by furniture coverings and blankets where necessary and the piano takes extra care and dedication due to the weight and size especially when there are stairs involved. They guys make the most of the trolleys, dolleys and hydraulic lift provided to them to ensure all items and properties are treated extremely well and no damage caused.
  • Rachael left a great review that said ”Prompt, polite, efficient service, competitive pricing and safe delivery of our goods. Highly recommend to anyone requiring Removals Melbourne”.
  • Another 5/5 star review and an extremely satisfied customer, well done.

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Removalists Melbourne



Office Movers Melbourne Office Relocation Specialist | Jake Removals Melbourne

Office Movers Melbourne

Office Movers Melbourne Job description- Removals Melbourne South Yarra to South Melbourne

Type of service: Office relocation

As one can imagine a full office relocation within inner city suburbs could be quite a daunting task for some, but the words “Awesome, friendly and approachable!” were used by Daina to describe our very professional and hard-working men on this move. With many years of experience between the 3 men it made this office relocation a breeze taking care with all belongings. Daina also mentioned that the movers were very respectful as Daina had described many past moving experiences with other companies as regarding her as an “inferior woman” which is completely unacceptable as discrimination is something we don’t practice or condone at Jake Removals and Storage. Great work everyone.

Office Movers Melbourne

Jake Office Movers Melbourne regularly offers special rates of removals job. Jake Removalists Melbourne is fully insured. Call us today on 1300 766 658 or do an instant quote online.

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Professional and Friendly Piano Movers Melbourne | Jake Removals Melbourne

Piano Movers Melbourne

It’s time to share Doug’s upright piano moving experience of Jake Piano Movers Melbourne. This job was on June 2018.

Piano Movers Melbourne Job description- Removals Melbourne Langwarrin to Frankston South

  • A previous discussion had over the phone sealed this booking. Receiving a great description of the items we can then determine what is the best sized truck.
  • The job requires the 6 Tonne truck on this day. We generally use for an upright piano removal as it has a hydraulic lift on the back to assist with lifting larger furnishings.
  • Robert and Jay were on the job this day, both very good at moving furniture of all sizes. Thet are also very helpful, friendly, professional and hard-working men. They also work very well together and make a great team.
  • Our movers use special trolleys designed for moving large items negating the need for extra movers lowering the cost for customers which is always a great bonus for anyone.
  • They also use ramps designed to help with carrying pianos up or down steps which would normally be very difficult without the extra tools.
  • The pianos are carefully covered with blankets and/or plastic wrapping if required to insure the items are kept in perfect condition and also assisting with not causing damage to the properties.
  • They make great use of the hydraulic lifts attached to the backs of the trucks which provide the ability to be able to lift heavy objects and ease stress on the guys bodies which is very helpful for items like pianos.
  • Doug was very happy with the whole process start to finish. He was very impressed with how the move was so easily completed and the level of professionalism and skill.
  • Doug advised that he most definitely will highly recommend Jake removals for anyone looking for piano movers Melbourne.

Piano Movers Melbourne Piano Movers Melbourne

Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne regularly offers special rates of removals job. Jake Removalists Melbourne is fully insured. Call us today on 1300 766 658 or do an instant quote online.

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Jake Removals Melbourne | Great team with amazing synergy and years of experience

Removals Melbourne Great Team

Today we are sharing Ebony’s moving experience of Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne Job. It was a 4 bedroom home moving from Cranbourne to Langwarrin on June 2018.

Moving Job description- Removals Melbourne

  • This move started out with a quote request coming through via Jake Removals Melbourne website from Ebony.
  • After contacting Ebony over the phone to get a detailed description of the move, we were very confident to use our largest truck the 10 Tonne with hydraulic lift which we use for our larger moves of 4 bedrooms or more.
  • The two workers selected for this move were Robert and Jay, a great team with amazing synergy and years of experience working in the furniture removals Melbourne industry.
  • Ebony described the guys as being very efficient, professional. Because she loved that herself and her family did not have to do any moving for the entire experience leaving it in the very capable hands of Robert and Jay.
  • The men start with assessing the best parking position improving efficiency and productivity. Followed by wrapping and covering all necessary furnishings with great care.
  • They then move everything into the truck with great expertise and making the most of the moving equipment provided whether it be trolleys, ramps or dolleys and also making great use out of the fantastic hydraulic lift to get the best possible results.
  • Ebony was very happy with the whole experience of moving to a new home with minimal fuss. Therefore she is more than happy to recommend our services to anyone who needs removals Melbourne.

Removals Melbourne Great Team

Learn more about our special offers of Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne. Jake Removalists Melbourne is fully insured. Find out more removals and storage insurance information. Call us today on 1300 766 658 or do a quote online.

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Looking for movers? Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne

Furniture Removals Melbourne Jobs

It’s time to share Suzie’s feedback of Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne Job. It was a moving from inner suburb apartment to Toorak on June 2018.

Job description:

  • Once Suzie had explained all details of the move over the phone when requesting a moving consultation we had decided to use our 6 Tonne truck, which is great for smaller moves from 1-2 bedroom homes or just a few larger than usual items if required.
  • Our movers Eric and Jack organised the move on this day. They are both very honest, reliable on time and efficient as advised by the client Suzie. Also work very well together making for an excellent team.
  • As a single female Suzie advised she felt very comfortable around the guys and knew her furniture was going to be in great and professional hands.
  • The parking in inner city suburbs can also be quite difficult sometimes especially with a large truck. However our men are great at finding parking. They are well versed at the rules required in strict parking policy areas throughout inner suburbs.
  • The items were all gathered efficiently and carefully handled with certain items covered for extra protection as requested with bubble wrap, plastic and moving blankets.
  • Not only are the items greatly taken care of but also each of the properties to make for a smooth and stress free relocation for our customers with absolutely no damage at all.
  • Suzie was very delighted with how well the move went. She would not hesitate to use our services again when she requires furniture removals Melbourne.

Furniture Removals Melbourne Jobs

Learn more about our special offers of Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne. We are fully insured. Find out more removals and storage insurance information. Call us today on 1300 766 658 or do a quote online.

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Sharing 2 Moving House Melbourne Stories From Our Customers


We always value feedback of moving house Melbourne from our customers so we can keep improving our services. It time to share two true stories from our clients.

No. One – Type of service: 4 bedroom home with a stopover

From Bundoora to Beveridge to Wallan (Department: Moving House Melbourne)

Picking up the whole family for a move from the beloved family home full of memories is typically a stressful and some what bittersweet task. Stacey and Phil were very delighted and impressed with how well our guys Rob and Jay handled the move. No job was too much for them to handle combining great time management, safety and using extreme great care with all belongings helping the family settle into their new home with ease. “Would use again”. Great work!

Moving House Melbourne

No. Two – Type of service: Few items with steep driveway and “wonky” steps

From Noble Park to Millgrove (Department: Moving House Melbourne)

“Worked hard to deliver to a very difficult location” were the words used by Sasha on this move. This was no ordinary relocation as the property came with a very steep driveway and some not so friendly wonky steps. Adding to the difficulty of the move included moving 3 full sized video arcade games which one would find some time ago sprawled across various fish and chip shops in the late 80s and 90s. Sasha was very impressed with the skill, quickness and efficiency that our very talented movers Jack and Eric displayed. Fantastic job guys.

Moving House Melbourne 2


For more information and special offers you can visit Jake Removals Melbourne. Or call us today on 1300 766 658.

Find our 5 stars review on WOMO.

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Moving Heavy Furniture without Breaking the Bank | Jake Removals

Furniture Removals

Moving heavy furniture can be a nightmare, especially if you do not have a plan. Jake Removals and Storage have come up with some tips to help you with your next move on a budget.

Hiring a removalist company does not have to be costly. We offer affordable services for your moving needs, from furniture movers to pool table movers.

Moving Heavy Furniture

moving heavy furniture furniture

Many people do not know where to start when they decide to move heavy furniture on their own. Why not consider a removalist company instead? There are several advantages associated with hiring one

  1. You will be less stressed. It is our job to lessen the burden on moving. On your moving day, you will be attending to more important matters such as looking after your children.
  2. We know the steps of moving heavy furniture. Our movers have knowledge and over 20 years of experience to ensure that your furniture will be safely moved without damage.
  3. We have the necessary equipment that you may not consider. We offer padding and wrapping for your heavy furniture and more importantly, well-equipped vehicles such as our extensive fleet of trucks.
  4. You are less likely to get an injury. Moving heavy furniture requires multiple people and the right equipment. Hiring a removalist company, like us, removes the risk of getting hurt.

Moving Pianos

moving heavy furniture piano

Pianos are heavy and fragile. An upright piano weighs around 130kg and a baby grand piano weighs more than 200 kilograms. There is a misconception that pianos look sturdy, given their weight. However, pianos contain strings, pedals and keys that can get damaged easily.

There are many things to consider when moving pianos on your own. You need to gather a few strong people to assist you, get the right equipment such as tape, straps and a moving dolly, move the piano into the moving truck, secure it inside the truck and remove it from the truck. Sounds tedious, doesn’t it? Why not hire a removalist company to save you the work and time? Sure, you will initially save some money but do you really want to cut corners on your valuable piano?

Jake piano movers ensure that your piano is carefully moved and safely packed. We offer the right equipment such as our purpose built hydraulic tailgate lifts which allow pianos to be easily moved. For added security, we provide insurance for every move and you are covered up to $50 000 and you will get public liability claims of $20 million if necessary.

Moving Pool Tables

Pool tables weigh up to 1000 kilograms. You may think moving a pool table is similar to moving a dining table, but it simply is not. It is a tricky process that involves several steps such as dismantling the pillars, loading the legs and assembling the legs. We strongly recommend hiring a removalist company to handle these aspects and avoiding the DIY approach as it may cause injury to you or damage to your pool table.

Jake pool table removalists ensure that your pool table is moved and protected using specialised equipment to avoid any damage. Our friendly removalists are highly experienced in moving your pool table. For added security, we also provide insurance for your goods and you are covered up to $50 000 and you will get public liability claims of $20 million if necessary.

If you are looking for affordable removalists in Melbourne without breaking the bank, please contact Jake Removals and Storage at 1300 766 658 or 0433 955 908. Alternatively, you can email info@jakemove.com.au to receive a quote.


Moving from Blackburn South and Mitcham

Removalists Melbourne

Melbourne Suburbs cheap removals


If you don’t want to move your entire home yourself, just relax and JakeMove will take care of it. JakeMove has become a pioneer in the moving segment of the logistics service. JakeMove is moving specialists trained in the art of the perfection in moving service which is providing in all over Victoria. It provides international standard of high-quality service based on its modern facilities, we have also new technology with a lot of other services. JakeMove has worked on augmenting reputation in the Victorian market as a leading moving service. Their performance was spectacular when they assisted Maureen in shifting from Blackburn South to Mitcham. These Victorian suburbs are not too far in kilometers from each other but considering that Maureen had to move from a 3 bedroom home, the stuff she had to carry was a lot.  Moving to a new home means, that she was dealing with tasks like finding a good neighborhood for her kids, accounting for and packing all her possessions, and arranging for them all to be carted from her old house to the new one. With all the stress associated with these changes, wouldn’t it be great if she could find an expert who has walked thousands of people through moving—someone she could trust to handle all the details? That’s just what the moving specialists at JakeMove do best.


They also understood Maureen most important thought that was worrying her the most while shifting is the care and safety of your belongings having a tremendous value attached to them. JakeMove was able to understand Maureen emotions attached to her belongings. To encounter this, they capitalized on the best packing and transportation services as a solution to all her shifting problems. The team from JakeMove that came was very professional and managed the multiple requests as explained. Maureen didn’t face any problems with the movers and in fact were very happy with the house shifting experience. Maureen indicated that it was pleasure talking to the JakeMove team who have great domain knowledge, and more importantly, they have demonstrated their customer focus by walking the normal call of duty much beyond my expectations. JakeMove came with 6T truck firstly and arrived 5 minutes earlier than expected which is always fantastic.  JakeMove used the international quality materials & vehicles to protect Maureen goods from damage, moisture or dust. JakeMove professionals have developed various ingenious solutions for all the problems that may be encountered during relocation.  They observe certain distinctive precautions while loading the goods like items having religious significance are labeled and placed on top so that no one inadvertently steps on them by putting stickers. All in all, JakeMove streamlined Maureen’s strenuous relocating task by providing her with peace of mind.


Piano Movers Sunshine to Southbank | Jake Move

Are you planning a piano move and feeling a little uneasy? It’s perfectly normal to worry about moving such a large and valuable object. While there are many things you can do beforehand to prepare for a move, we understand that things don’t always go as planned. When there is a challenge, we thrive and provide you with excellent service every time. This is the guarantee you get with the best piano movers in Melbourne!

Our most recent client Lauren was looking to move her prized piano from her house in Sunshine to a spacious rental unit in Southbank. Lauren is a well-established piano teacher and noticed a demand for her services in the suburbs surrounding the CBD. She decided it was time to take her business closer to the city, to work in a more professional setting.

We set out bright and early at 8am on the morning of the move to get the Piano from Sunshine. The Jake Move crew made sure to wrap it up properly in protective blankets, securing the piano to avoid all damage. We then headed to Southbank once everything was in place.

When discussing the move beforehand, Lauren told us the unit was on the third floor. Upon arrival we discovered that the unit she was moving into was actually on the fourth floor, rather than the third. While this may be an obstacle to some, we took the bull by the horns and faced the challenge head on! We thought about the logistics of moving the piano up the stairs. Then we began by placing and securing the safety straps around the piano. Next we held the piano in place while the rigs were attached to help lift it up. Our men slowly and carefully maneuvered the piano up to the floor of Lauren’s new workspace.

Southbank piano movers

Lauren expressed how remaining calm under the distress of moving the piano up the four flights of stairs was reassuring. She never doubted Jake Move’s ability to keep her precious instrument safe while moving it. Surprisingly, we were able to finish the move ahead of schedule. It just goes to show that hard work and patience from the Jake Move team always ends with fantastic results!

If you’re looking for the most careful and efficient piano movers Melbourne has to offer, Jake Move has got you covered. Still not sure Jake Move is for you? Check out various testimonials from our many happy customers and current promotions!


Movers Melbourne

Jake Move is an expert at moving large quantities of furniture. Mr Neil Whitelaw needed to move all of his things from his large household in Mount Martha to Korumburra, mentioning to us that his last move required two trips in order to move everything. However, three of our removalists played a little bit of sideways tetris, cautiously fitting his furniture into our 10 tonne truck and we managed to fill it up perfectly. We completed Mr Whitelaw’s job in one successful trip, saving him a lot of extra money. He even tipped our staff for our professional work and friendly attitude. Movers Melbourne, proving again how we get the job done.

Contact us today at 1300 766 658 for your free quote and start booking quality removals in Melbourne! Movers Melbourne, We even provide storage for Melbourne residents.

Here’s another story of a successful moving service carried out by us from Lake Tyers Beach to Eltham.