Two-Bedroom Townhouse Moving From Cranbourne North to Seaford

Moving from Cranbourne North to Seaford by Jake Removals Melbourne

  • Tracey was a customer we had originally moved a few years ago and she had recently contacted us the help move her home once again as she was very pleased with the work we had provided previously and was happy to book our services again.
  • Tracey was living in a 2 bedroom townhouse within Cranbourne North and needed assistance to move to her new single storey home in Seaford.
  • Tracey advised us that she had a few more pieces of furniture than her previous move so we opted to go for a slightly larger truck than the last move.
  • We were very comfortable to use our 8T truck, which is perfect for 2 to 3 bedroom homes as we had previously used a 6T Truck.
  • The 8T truck also comes equipped with a larger hydraulic lift to assist with the larger items like the fridge, washing machine and sofas.
  • The 8T like the other larger trucks also has everything to protect the items from trolleys, dolleys, high quality furniture blankets and plastic wrapping.
  • Our team for the move for Tracey was Eric and Kevin. They are both very hard workers and dedicated to providing an amazing and stress free moving experience for all of our customers. They enjoy providing the best experience for all our customers.
  • All items were treated very well and no damage caused to either of the furnishings, property or the workers.
  • We were also able to keep the moving time at 3 hours which was exactly how long the previous move took but this time there were slightly more items which is great.
  • Tracey was once again very happy with the service provided and left an amazing and well deserved review and happy to recommend our services to everyone seeking House Removals Melbourne.
  • “You guys are awesome. This is the second move we have had with you and you were super quick and professional and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a removalist.”

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