A Small Job and Happy Customer. Moving From Balwyn North to Greensborough

Moving from Balwyn North to Greensborough by Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne

  • Sue contacted us over the phone requesting our services to move the majority of her large items from her 2 bedroom home from Balwyn North to Greensborough.
  • After discussing the move with sue she advised that she had approximately 10 large items to move ranging from sofa beds to tables and lounge chairs.
  • With this is mind we had decided to use our 6T truck for the move which is our small to medium sized truck perfect for a 1-2 bedroom home or approximately 10 medium to large items.
  • Our team for this move was Robert and Ray. Two great workers who work extremely hard and very well together and go above and beyond to give the best service possible.
  • Our 6T trucks comes well equipped with all the resources required for the move. Complete with very thick furniture moving blankets, plastic wrapping, tools and a range of trolleys.
  • The move was done with great success with no damage to either property or the items and done in a very good time within our minimum 2 hour charge window.
  • Sue was very happy with the move and left a great review.
  • “Although our job was only a relatively small one , nothing was too much trouble. Everything was packed up in record time, even the little extra job of moving the fridge out and loading a bird bath from the garden into my car was done for me . Thank you very much.
  • Sue was happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking removals and storage Melbourne.

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