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Melbourne Furniture Company Moving in Multiple Locations Over Two Weeks

Jake Removalists Melbourne Helped a Furniture Company Moving in Multiple Locations Over Two Weeks

  • Lauren contacted over the phone requesting a not so ordinary type of move.
  • They worked for a large furniture distribution company specialising in school furniture.
  • They required between 2 to 5 deliveries of school furniture to various schools throughout Melbourne over a 2-week period with a total of over 20 school deliveries.
  • Furniture included chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets and more.
  • We were happy to oblige the request and it would take an extensive amount of planning due to tight time frames and schedules for each school.
  • Lauren sent us through a copy of the schedule for the 2 week delivery order.
  • For this move we required the use of our largest truck the 10T due to the amount of furniture required to move and needing the use of the hydraulic lift.
  • Our team we chose for this task was Rob and Jay from Jake Removalists Melbourne, 2 of our most experienced movers who work extremely well together and are very efficient and hard working.
  • After the first week of deliveries there was a change in management with the furniture company so the schedules had to be adjusted and we were only advised the day before of timings. However even with adjustment we were able to deliver all items on time with great success.
  • Lauren was very happy with the work given by Rob and Jay and would highly recommend our company to anyone seeking removalists Melbourne.
  • We are fully insured. Check removalists Melbourne insurance.

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A Big House Moving With Piano From Skye to Boronia


Four Bedrooms House With Piano Removals Melbourne

  • John contacted us through the online portal. He requested a move for his family and their 4 bedroom home in Skye to Boronia.
  • After speaking to John and discussing his needs he advised that he had a full house full of furniture which also included an upright piano requiring removal.
  • To assist with this move we required our largest of trucks the 10T which comfortably fits a standard 4-5 bedroom property being able to fit everything in with ease.
  • The two men assigned to this job were our excellent team of Eric and Jack. Both very experienced and professional removalists who work very well together and efficiently to produce great results for all customers.
  • The guys assess all the items required to move and use all equipment available to them including trolleys, dolleys and the most important the hydraulic lift.
  • John advised us that” Eric and Jack worked extremely hard all day. They were very careful with our furniture, wrapping it securely to prevent any possible damage. They were very pleasant and considerate. They placed all furniture where requested. It was a big job and they did a great job”.
  • John was very pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend Jake Removals to all friends and family requesting Furniture Removals in Melbourne and gave a 5/5 star review.

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Customer Was Moving Two Upright Pianos By Piano Movers Melbourne Team

Piano Movers Melbourne

Customer Requested to Move 2 Upright Pianos- Piano Movers Melbourne Preston to Northcote

  • Odette called us at the office to enquire about a move she required.
  • After discussions with Odette she advised that she required the move of 2 upright pianos to 2 different addresses in Northcote.
  • We enquired whether there were any steps involved and she replied with only a couple making the move a little easier as multiples steps can make the move a lot more difficult.
  • We decided to use our 6T truck for the move as moving upright pianos does require the use of the bigger hydraulic lifts that the 6T trucks and larger provide.
  • We assigned both Eric and Jack from Jake Piano Movers Melbourne for this job. They are a great team that work extremely well together to deliver great results for all our customers. The are both very professional, hard working and very dedicated to their job.
  • The guys make great use of the trolleys required to move upright pianos and coverings when necessary to make sure no damage is done to either the items or properties.
  • Both pianos were delivered to the requested separate properties with no fuss at all, with the use of all equipment available for the guys making for a great experience for everyone.
  • Odette was very happy with the work provided and would highly recommend Jake Removals to anyone looking for Piano Movers Melbourne and gave a 5/5 star review.

Piano Movers Melbourne

Jake Removalists Melbourne is fully insured. Call us today on 1300 766 658 or check our WOMO 5 starts feedbacks.

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Professional and Friendly Piano Movers Melbourne | Jake Removals Melbourne

Piano Movers Melbourne

It’s time to share Doug’s upright piano moving experience of Jake Piano Movers Melbourne. This job was on June 2018.

Piano Movers Melbourne Job description- Removals Melbourne Langwarrin to Frankston South

  • A previous discussion had over the phone sealed this booking. Receiving a great description of the items we can then determine what is the best sized truck.
  • The job requires the 6 Tonne truck on this day. We generally use for an upright piano removal as it has a hydraulic lift on the back to assist with lifting larger furnishings.
  • Robert and Jay were on the job this day, both very good at moving furniture of all sizes. Thet are also very helpful, friendly, professional and hard-working men. They also work very well together and make a great team.
  • Our movers use special trolleys designed for moving large items negating the need for extra movers lowering the cost for customers which is always a great bonus for anyone.
  • They also use ramps designed to help with carrying pianos up or down steps which would normally be very difficult without the extra tools.
  • The pianos are carefully covered with blankets and/or plastic wrapping if required to insure the items are kept in perfect condition and also assisting with not causing damage to the properties.
  • They make great use of the hydraulic lifts attached to the backs of the trucks which provide the ability to be able to lift heavy objects and ease stress on the guys bodies which is very helpful for items like pianos.
  • Doug was very happy with the whole process start to finish. He was very impressed with how the move was so easily completed and the level of professionalism and skill.
  • Doug advised that he most definitely will highly recommend Jake removals for anyone looking for piano movers Melbourne.

Piano Movers Melbourne Piano Movers Melbourne

Jake Furniture Removals Melbourne regularly offers special rates of removals job. Jake Removalists Melbourne is fully insured. Call us today on 1300 766 658 or do an instant quote online.

More insurance information you can visit GIO.

Piano Movers Melbourne Belgrave

Jake Piano Movers Melbourne understands the value of each individual piano and it is our mission to treat your piano with the utmost care and concern. Each job we undertake is unique in its own way and requires our complete attention to every detail. Jake Piano Movers Melbourne guarantee that your piano will be safely cared for at all times by our highly experienced and friendly staff. Let’s share a story from one of our customers.

“Rob and Jay were fantastic!” were the words in which Heon had described the amazing efforts of these two fellow workers. Heon was extremely impressed by how hard working, friendly and very professional the guys were, reassuring him that he had made the best choice with Jake Piano Movers Melbourne. Not only was he impressed by their hard work but also how well they managed the move of the families treasured upright piano with excellent attention to detail and the use of very well managed and maneuvered equipment, the moving process was flawless and executed brilliantly with all of the possessions being looked after with greatest of care. Heon was very happy with every service provided on this day. “Thank you”.

For more information and special offers you can visit Jake Piano Movers Melbourne. Or call us today on 1300 766 658.

Find our 5 stars review on WOMO.

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Piano Movers Sunshine to Southbank | Jake Move

Are you planning a piano move and feeling a little uneasy? It’s perfectly normal to worry about moving such a large and valuable object. While there are many things you can do beforehand to prepare for a move, we understand that things don’t always go as planned. When there is a challenge, we thrive and provide you with excellent service every time. This is the guarantee you get with the best piano movers in Melbourne!

Our most recent client Lauren was looking to move her prized piano from her house in Sunshine to a spacious rental unit in Southbank. Lauren is a well-established piano teacher and noticed a demand for her services in the suburbs surrounding the CBD. She decided it was time to take her business closer to the city, to work in a more professional setting.

We set out bright and early at 8am on the morning of the move to get the Piano from Sunshine. The Jake Move crew made sure to wrap it up properly in protective blankets, securing the piano to avoid all damage. We then headed to Southbank once everything was in place.

When discussing the move beforehand, Lauren told us the unit was on the third floor. Upon arrival we discovered that the unit she was moving into was actually on the fourth floor, rather than the third. While this may be an obstacle to some, we took the bull by the horns and faced the challenge head on! We thought about the logistics of moving the piano up the stairs. Then we began by placing and securing the safety straps around the piano. Next we held the piano in place while the rigs were attached to help lift it up. Our men slowly and carefully maneuvered the piano up to the floor of Lauren’s new workspace.

Southbank piano movers

Lauren expressed how remaining calm under the distress of moving the piano up the four flights of stairs was reassuring. She never doubted Jake Move’s ability to keep her precious instrument safe while moving it. Surprisingly, we were able to finish the move ahead of schedule. It just goes to show that hard work and patience from the Jake Move team always ends with fantastic results!

If you’re looking for the most careful and efficient piano movers Melbourne has to offer, Jake Move has got you covered. Still not sure Jake Move is for you? Check out various testimonials from our many happy customers and current promotions!

Piano Movers Berwick | Jake Move

Removalists Melbourne-Piano Movers Berwick

For many people, their piano is the most valuable possession. This was surely the case with Jake Move’s latest client, Sachin, who found us on the Internet after he bought his YAMAHA. Since this valuable instrument was something the client’s been wanting for a long time, he wanted to make sure he contacted the best piano movers Berwick has to offer.

The job entailed moving the piano from his house in Berwick, to a new property in Dandenong North. Jake Move sent over two removalists, who came to discover 7 large steps leading up to the front of house. As prepared and savvy the guys are, sometimes you come across a dilemma that doesn’t that offer an easy solution right off the bat.

As soon as the removalists noticed the steps, they realised this wasn’t going to be a two-man job. The guys suggested bringing on a third mover to assist with the project. But at this point the client started feeling a little stressed out. He didn’t realise the steps leading up to the house would be an issue, and he was incredibly eager to set up his new prized possession as quickly as possible.

In an effort to compromise, Sachin decided to call on his two trustworthy neighbours to come and help. Luckily, they were available and happy to help. Sachin was grateful for the team’s cooperation and helpful attitude. He mentioned that their ability to compromise is exactly the sort of thing that makes them the best piano movers Berwick has to offer.

If you’re on the hunt for the best piano movers Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Jake Move! This storage and removalists team is comprised of reliable, trained professionals, who make moving furniture equipment look easy. 

Storage and removal jobs are always at risk of exposing workers to potential hazards, which is why it’s vital to follow the correct safety procedures to protect yourself and others from harm. For more information on storage and warehousing safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.

Piano Movers Northcote | Jake Move

Piano Movers Northcote

Moving can be an overwhelming task. If you’re searching for the best piano movers Northcote has to offer, we’ve got a few reasons why Jake Move is the perfect removal company for you. This week, our latest client, Cheer, reached out to us need of some extra assistance.

Cheer has an old-style, upright piano that he bought from a previous owner. He was told by that previous owner that it took 3 men to originally relocate the piano. When the client made the booking, however, we had gauged from our prior experience in piano removal jobs – and also from the conversation with the client – that two staff members would be more than enough to get the job done.

The Jake Move team of two arrived at Cheer’s property and took some time to examine the beautiful, grandiose equipment. Then they proceeded to wrap it in thick, protective blankets, before relocating it to the truck.

Most people know that a piano removal requires a specialist’s attention, otherwise permanent damage can occur. This is where Jake Move’s years of experience and technical know-how comes in handy. Every piece of furniture, as well as other types of belongings, are treated delicately, and with the utmost care.

And in this particular case, the Jake Move team precisely did just that. Cheer was extremely impressed by the standard of service he received and felt grateful that we preserved the condition of his beloved piano, as well as saving him extra costs on a third mover. With results like this, it’s plain to see how Jake Move are the best piano movers Northcote has ever seen.

In addition to being friendly, diligent, and efficient, what Jake Move prides itself on is the ability to carry out any task in a safe and responsible manner. Jobs that require lifting, pushing, and pulling are particularly susceptible to physical injuries. So if you would like to know more about safety in the workplace, visit Safe Work Australia.

If you’re searching for the most careful Piano Movers Melbourne has to offer, reach out to the trained and savvy professionals at Jake Move.


Piano Movers Melbourne – Toorak | Jake Move

piano movers melbourne

Searching for the best moving and storage services Toorak has to offer? Look no further than Jake Move. This week the guys helped a young gentleman, Robert, make his way to a smaller-sized rental unit. Of course, this meant that there was a lot of furniture and belongings that he couldn’t take with him to the property however, what did make the cut for him was perhaps his most-prized possession, his grandmother’s piano, and thus, after an intense search for specialised piano movers Melbourne had to offer, a quick phone call later, Jake Move was on the move.

Piano Movers Melbourne

On the day of the move, emotions were at an all-time high. Robert was stressed about the future of his precious belongings, which caused him to second-guess his decision to down-size his apartment. It was all for the sake of transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle, but Jack wanted to make sure his things were going to a nice home, or otherwise donated to people who were in need of what he no longer required.

The guys from Jake Move arrived on the scene and did everything they could to extinguish the flames of doubt. Much to Jack’s delight, they managed to move half the furniture into the new rental unit with considerable amount of ease. They then made their way back to remove and relocate the other half of his belongings to Jake Move’s storage facility, where Robert’s things were stored for approximately 3-4 months.

Storage Melbourne-Storage Services Berwick

Robert was thrilled to see all his old possessions in tip-top condition including one of his most prized belongings, his antique piano that had not sustained even a single scratch. He was so pleased with the quality of service, that he gave them two thumbs up and claimed that the one of the most stressful moments of his life had passed with so much ease and peace of mind thanks to the guys at Jake Move.

If the idea of moving all of your belongings has got you stressed out, contact the experts at Jake Move who can assist with solving all your moving woes, from moving every small pieces of furniture to more delicate items like a piano that require specialised attention.