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Moving Home With Pets – Jake Removals & Storage Melbourne

Having a pet is a lot of work – in many ways it’s like having a child. As such, we understand how important it is to hire movers that care for your pets. Fortunately, we are those types of movers – we ensure that both your belongings and pets reach their new home safe and sound.

So when a client recently approached us to move her stuff and cat into a new house within Melbourne, we were eager to help. Our staff members arrived at the 2-bedroom house on time and started packing and loading her furniture and appliances into our trucks. And since she had done some packing by herself, things moved rather swiftly.

In fact, the only processes that took a significant amount of time were taking apart the furniture and properly wrapping large appliances. Otherwise, everything else was a breeze. Even convincing the stressed-out cat to get into its cage wasn’t that hard. And since the client was simply moving from one region of Melbourne to another, the journey was quick and stress-free.

Not only did the movers reach the destination early and unpack quickly, but the cat got there safely as well. Since then, the client has given us a 5-star review and has hired us again and again. Beyond that, they have referred us to several of their friends and family members.

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