Happy Customer. Moving From Our Storage Facility To Her New House

Jake Storage Melbourne

At Jake Storage Melbourne, we have a customer Kerryn that we had moved into our storage facility a few weeks earlier and now she required to have all her items moved to her new property in Selby.

Storage Melbourne Moving Out Job: Moving From: Notting Hill Storage to Selby

  • She had 2 storage units worth of furniture and those items also included an upright piano and also an 8 foot pool table.
  • We decided to use our 6 T truck for this move as it comes with a large hydraulic lift on the back required to move the piano and pool table.
  • The guys assigned to this move were Luke and Kevin, a great team that work extremely well together. They are also very professional, hard working, efficient and enjoy helping our customers with any requests they have.
  • The items were all carefully placed from our storage units into the truck, with great use of the trolleys, dolleys and the hydraulic lift.
  • Any delicate or fragile items are very carefully handled and placed accordingly into the truck and also covered by blankets and or bubble or plastic wrap if required.
  • Kerryn was very impressed and satisfied by the services provided by Jake Removals as all items were cared for very well and arrived at her new property in excellent condition.
  • Kerryn advised she would use our services again and highly recommend to anyone requiring Furniture Removal and Storage Melbourne and gave a 5/5 star review on WOMO.

Storage Melbourne

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Building new house? You may need Jake mobile storage service.

At Jake Mobile Storage Melbourne, we collect your furniture or office stuff. We remove and pack your stuff into storage boxes and then store in our warehouse facility. We re-deliver your stuff or furniture, when your new house or offices are ready.

Mobile Storage Melbourne Job: Moving to Storage From: Bentleigh East to Notting Hill Storage

  • The items required to move were discussed prior to the move over the phone. Receiving a great description of the items we can then determine what is the best sized truck and the amount of the storage units required.
  • On this day the 4 Tonne truck was required; being our smallest truck which we generally use for a regularly furnished 1 bedroom home or just a few items.
  • Donnie and Kevin worked on this move. Very hard-working guys, very professional, friendly and efficient when moving and work very well together.
  • The items are then very carefully loaded into the truck. Movers use of trolleys, dolleys, ramps and pure man power.
  • Terrie was very happy with the move to storage, advising that it would only be for a short time which we are more than happy to accommodate with, as we can accommodate for any length of time required from a few days to years.
  • As requested from Terrie we will also be moving her items from storage to her new property when that is required.
  • Terrie was delighted also at the fact that when moving with us and using storage you get a very generous 30 percent discount off your first month storage cost adding to the overall great experience.
  • Terrie felt very comfortable with our storage units as they are very secure, under 24-hour surveillance and she would recommend to all friends and family looking for mobile storage Melbourne.

Jake Mobile Storage Melbourne - Notting Hill

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Read our 5 stars review on WOMO.

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Customer Testimonials of Removals and Storage Melbourne

Removals and Storage Melbourne

Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne always value feedback from our customers so we can keep improving our services. It time to share two true feedback from our customers.

June 2018

Type of service: Multiple heavy item moving into storage

Moved to Jake Removals Storage in Notting Hill

Moving items like an upright piano or a pool table can come with some unique challenges. On this day our customer Kerryn required not one but both items to be moved along with a motorbike and various other items creating a not so ordinary move. Luke and Kevin conquered this challenge with ease, exhibiting years of experience and skill to combat multiple steps and awkward turns with the use of well placed ramps, trolleys and coverings. Kerryn was very impressed and relieved to see her belongings treated extremely well and to also know they would be left in great hands in our secure storage facility with 24-hour surveillance. Thanks guys.

Removals and Storage Melbourne

June 2018

Type of service: Furniture delivery for Display home

Moved to Kilsyth

One of the great things with our removals and storage Melbourne is being able to develop great relationships with many businesses throughout Victoria which on this day includes on of our regulars Felicity. Working in a home staging business they require furniture to be moved from their factory to many homes throughout Victoria and our guys here are more than happy to oblige. This is no ordinary move as the guys not only act as movers for the day but also assist Felicity in finding the perfect spot for each item to assist in making the homes for sale as appealing as possible. Felicity is always happy with the work provided and is one of our many valued regular customers and business partners. Great relationship building everyone.

Removals and Storage Melbourne 2

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Customer Testimonials Movers Melbourne

Movers Melbourne Jake Removals

Jake Movers Melbourne always value feedback from our customers so we can keep improving our services. It time to share two true feedback from our customers.

Customer:   Craig

June 2018

Type of service: 3 bedroom home

Moved to Cheltenham

Description: The movers Luke and Kevin started off the day perfectly, arriving not only on time but a little earlier at the delight of Craig. “Efficient, considerate, great communication and very thorough” were the words used by Craig. This made for a stress free and uncomplicated move which as a furniture removal company is our biggest reward, knowing we have finished a job with a satisfied customer with as little fuss as possible. Craig was very happy to have started off the day so well and to finish also on a very high note. Well done Movers Melbourne.

Movers Melbourne Jake Removals


Customer:  Steve

June 2018

Type of service: Moving to Retirement Village

Moved to Wheelers Hill

Description: There often comes a time in life at a certain age when one needs to downsize from the family home and move into a lovely retirement village with like minded mature adults. This day had come for Steve, saying goodbye to past lives and embracing an exciting new chapter in his life. Luke and Kevin made this move an extremely smooth and hassle free transition for Steve. He described the guys as being “very polite, helpful, efficient and very patient” which is always fantastic to hear. With the move completed and Steve able to slide into his new life with ease it is no wonder he advised that he would “highly recommend” Jake Removals and Storage to anybody. Great work.

Movers Melbourne Jake Removals3

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Find our 5 stars review on WOMO.

Mobile Storage Services Notting Hill | Jake Removals

Mobile Storage Melbourne

Jake Mobile Storage Services Melbourne brings the storage units as you require to your property, and you can load and lock yourself. Then we collect them and safely store them in our facilities at our mobile storage services Notting Hill. Jake mobile storage Melbourne can save you time and money on your home storage needs with our mobile storage services Notting Hill.

When moving home, occasionally the moving dates between the 2 properties don’t always merge as desired and on this day our lovely customer Bernice had found herself confronted with. This is where Jake mobile storage services Notting Hill came to the rescue. Whether it be needing to store your precious belongings for just a few weeks or for a few months we are more than happy to accommodate with as much storage space as you need. Bernice was also over the moon with the fact the she would receive a 30% discount of her first month’s storage due to a furniture removal combined with storage special we now offer. Bernice was so happy that she only had to deal with one company for removing her items, storing them and then to have them redeliver to her new property, handled with the utmost care, respect and professionalism. Another satisfied customer who will gladly recommend Jake Removals and Storage to close friends and family.

For more information and special offers you can visit Jake Mobile Storage Melbourne. Or call us today on 1300 766 658.

Mobile Storage Services Notting Hill

Mobile Storage Services Doncaster | Jake Move

Removalists Melbourne-Mobile Storage Services Doncaster

At Jake Move, we offer storage services to help ease the process of packing and moving. This week, the team received a call from a client, Chern, whose furniture was of tremendous sentimental value, and as such, she was requesting the most efficient mobile storage services Doncaster had to offer.

Two well-trained professionals from Jake Move arrived at the scene, prepared, and ready to help in every way possible. The guys carefully wrapped the client’s furniture in thick, protective sheets, and placed them gently into the available storage boxes.

At one point, we found one large TV unit that couldn’t fit inside any of the storage boxes because it was simply too big. The guys decided to wrap it in thick blankets to prevent any damage, and loaded it in the back of the truck, in a separate area from the rest of the furniture. All the contents of the truck were then transported for storage at Jake Move’s warehouse facility.

Many people have concerns regarding the security of storage facilities, which is why we’ve broken it all down to provide clients with a better understanding of the process. Jake Move recognises that security is a primary issue for customers. Everyone wants to know that their belongings are safe – particularly in the case of Chern, who, as we mentioned is heavily driven by sentimental value.

That’s why we offer multiple forms of effective security measures, such as a fully locked and secure warehouse. This warehouse is guarded by 24 hour alarm monitoring and video surveillance, as well as a high-tech key pad entry.

At the end of the entire packing and storage process, Chern was thrilled by the standard of care and safety implemented by the Jake Move team. She gave us two thumbs up and claimed that we offered one of the best mobile storage services Doncaster had seen so far.

If you’re in search of the best mobile storage Melbourne has to offer, look no further than the trained professionals at Jake Move Removals and Storage.

Mobile Storage Services Brighton | Jake Move

Removalists Melbourne-Mobile Storage Services Brighton

Searching for the best mobile storage services Brighton has to offer? This week, Jake Move helped out a client, who was in desperate need of storage space. What happened to this particular client, Hilston, is quite a common dilemma that occurs in the storage and removals business.

Hilston was moving from his house in Brighton to settle amongst the natural backdrop in Taggerty. But he called our office in a panic when he discovered his new house was not ready, due to the owner who was unable to vacate the premises on time. After conducting a quick search on Google, he happened to come across our services, as well as some reviews that mentioned how accommodating we are.

We sympathised with Hilston’s circumstances and assigned two of our best removalists, along with our biggest truck to help the client out. On the day of moving, it occurred to our workers that Hilston had a lot of stuff! So much so, that not everything was able to fit into our biggest truck. The client was soon in a state of panic once more.

The guys were very reassuring and told Hilston that it was a simple matter of organising another truck to come out to the property – and that’s exactly what we did. The second truck arrived a short while later, and all of the remaining furniture and belongings were appropriately packed loaded onto the truck.

Hilston was incredibly grateful that Jake Move was able to help out on such short notice, and provide backup services to accommodate for his extensive belongings. “Definitely the best mobile storage services Brighton has to offer!” He mentioned. In addition to efficiency, Jake Move prides itself on deploying safety practices to the highest standard, to ensure the safety of its workers and bystanders. For more information on safety and manual tasks, visit Safe Work Australia.

If you’re searching for storage in Melbourne, reach out to the incredibly helpful and efficient professionals at Jake Move – the best removalists Melbourne has to offer.


Storage Services Melton South | Jake Move

Removalists Melbourne-Storage Services Melton South

Moving can furniture can be tricky business. If you’re searching for the most efficient storage services Melton South has to offer, then Jake Move has a few reasons why they’d be the best team for the job.

When Heather reached out to Jake Move, she was initially seeking a quote solely for moving services. Turns out, one day prior to the moving date she realised she didn’t have access to the keys for her new house. Quickly, she called up our office wanting to know if she could book our storage services for a month, until she received the keys for her new property.

Heather mentioned that she’d called up several storage companies, but failed to find any luck. Since things don’t always go according to plan, we were incredibly sympathetic to Heather’s circumstances. Right away our team searched the database for available storage space booked an opening under Heather’s name. The client was extremely grateful and pronounced Jake Move as one of the most helpful storage services Melton South had to offer.

We sent over two of our professional removalists, who got to work right away. They started by packing all the furniture in protective blankets to ensure that the client’s belongings remained intact. One by One, all the furniture was carefully lifted and carried out to the moving truck. In an effort to ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved in a removals process, Jake Move carries out each job with the highest standard of safety precautions. For more information on workplace safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.

Once Heather’s furniture, along with all her belongings were packed and picked up from her home in Melton South, they were relocated to our main storage facility. The client was thrilled to discover that not only were we able to accommodate Heather’s requirements under such short notice, but that the entire job was carried out flawlessly.

Finding reliable, experienced, and well-trained moving professionals can be big job for someone who’s already overwhelmed the the moving process. That’s why, if you’re searching for the best removalists Melbourne has to offer, don’t waste time on excessive, time-consuming research, reach out to Jake Move for assistance.


Storage Services Ringwood | Jake Move

Mobile Storage Melbourne-Storage Services Ringwood

Jake Move did a stellar job at providing their client, Samantha, with the best mobile storage services Ringwood has possibly ever had. Jake Move understands that personal belongings, no matter how big or small, are filled with sentimental value. The perils of moving put those very sentimental pieces at risk of being broken, damaged, and even stolen – something that Samantha was incredibly conscious of, and as a result requested reassurances.

The workers at Jake Move are experts in their field, so in their quest to deliver the best possible service, they broke down their methods for this particular job.

The moving process started in Ringwood, where four mobile storage boxes were delivered directly to the client’s house. Two expert removalists proceeded to wrap all of Samantha’s furniture with heavy duty blankets, and tucked them carefully into quality, large-sized storage boxes.

Mobile Storage Melbourne Truck-Storage Services Ringwood

The furniture was transported to the storage facility for a duration of two months, then redelivered to the new location in Ringwood East. The guys at Jake Move then unloaded and unpacked all the furniture and belongings into the new house, saving Samantha the cost of double-handling her furniture. She was incredibly impressed by their helpful attitude, level of professionalism, and cost-effective business structure, and went on to provide the company with a 5-star feedback.

If you’re looking for the most helpful removalists Melbourne can provide, with people that know how to handle your belongings with care, Jake Move is the company for you. Specialising in storage and removals, and well-trained experts who know how to get the job done, you’re looking at one of the best services mobile storage Melbourne has to offer.


Mobile Storage Melbourne Ringwood East | Jake Move

Moving can be a stressful exercise. It doesn’t matter much whether you’re moving across cities or even a couple of blocks down the road. While planning everything in advance and having detailed checklists can help mitigate some of the stress, moving houses can turn out to be nightmare for a lot of people. We here at Jake Removals Melbourne are a leading Removalists Melbourne service provider that understand this perfectly. Which is why it is our mission to provide the finest quality of assistance to all our clients in an endeavour to make  the effort a little less taxing. For our client Samantha, we facilitated with delivering our specialist Mobile Storage Melbourne Ringwood East boxes to her home, after which our removalist team got straight to work with packing her furniture by carefully wrapping them in our sturdiest quality of fabric blankets. After which we transported and stored her belongings at our storage facility for a period of two months. The team once again set to work with delivering and unpacking of her furniture at her brand new home, saving her additional costs that she would have otherwise had to incur. Samantha was truly pleased with our team’s diligent level of service and gave us a 5-star rating for our top-level assistance.

Ringwood East Melbourne Mobile Storage

Get in touch with our experienced Removalists Melbourne staff on 1300 766 658 or 0433 955 908 who are here to answer all your questions and will ensure that no stone is left unturned with regard to all your moving worries. You can also get a quote for our services online at http://www.jakemove.com.au/contact-us/