Packing and Moving Job – Found Jake Removals Melbourne From Google

Packing and moving job from Ormond to Ormond by Jake Removals Melbourne

Packing and Moving Job With Pre-Organised Packing Boxes

  • Lucas contacted us through our website to enquire about what services we provide.
  • After speaking to Lucas we discovered that he required a move from one 2 bed room apartment with a lift to another 2 bed room apartment with a lift and both premises in Ormond.
  • Lucas also advised us that he would also our packing services before the move as he had very little time at the moment and young children so he was just little busy.
  • We enquired about what parts of the home required packing and what kind of items to get a good idea of exactly what packing materials we would require.
  • Lucas advised us that is was mainly just the kitchen items that required packing and a few random items around the home. With this information we arranged for 10-15 tea chest boxes which is your typical medium sized packing box to accommodate the most basic of items and also a few rolls of our butcher block wrapping paper to secure delicate belongings.
  • All our packing material can be found through our website in our box shop section near the top right of the page.
  • Our dedicated and hard working team of Eric and Jack were assigned to this task, wrapping all items professionally before the moving all belongings into the awaiting 6T truck, perfect for this sized move.
  • Lucas was extremely pleased with the excellent service provided by Eric and Jack with wrapping, packing and moving.
  • Lucas is very grateful for the hep provided and would gladly recommend our services to all friends and family seeking Removals Melbourne.

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