Building new house? You may need Jake mobile storage service.

At Jake Mobile Storage Melbourne, we collect your furniture or office stuff. We remove and pack your stuff into storage boxes and then store in our warehouse facility. We re-deliver your stuff or furniture, when your new house or offices are ready.

Mobile Storage Melbourne Job: Moving to Storage From: Bentleigh East to Notting Hill Storage

  • The items required to move were discussed prior to the move over the phone. Receiving a great description of the items we can then determine what is the best sized truck and the amount of the storage units required.
  • On this day the 4 Tonne truck was required; being our smallest truck which we generally use for a regularly furnished 1 bedroom home or just a few items.
  • Donnie and Kevin worked on this move. Very hard-working guys, very professional, friendly and efficient when moving and work very well together.
  • The items are then very carefully loaded into the truck. Movers use of trolleys, dolleys, ramps and pure man power.
  • Terrie was very happy with the move to storage, advising that it would only be for a short time which we are more than happy to accommodate with, as we can accommodate for any length of time required from a few days to years.
  • As requested from Terrie we will also be moving her items from storage to her new property when that is required.
  • Terrie was delighted also at the fact that when moving with us and using storage you get a very generous 30 percent discount off your first month storage cost adding to the overall great experience.
  • Terrie felt very comfortable with our storage units as they are very secure, under 24-hour surveillance and she would recommend to all friends and family looking for mobile storage Melbourne.

Jake Mobile Storage Melbourne - Notting Hill

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