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How to find a reliable moving company in Melbourne?
Can I keep costs down by helping with the furniture removals?
How much notice do you need for the booking?
How long will the move take?
When and how do I pay?
Why does Jake Removals charge by the hour for furniture removals?
Does Jake Removals have insurance?

• How to find a reliable movers in Melbourne?

It is very easy to find a reliable moving company in Melbourne by searching online. You just need to enter keywords like Movers Melbourne Removalists or Moving and packing Melbourne to get the list of the good companies. The established moving companies have their websites to help their customers reach them easily. Make sure to go through the website of the company and read its background history, the kind of moving services provided, rates, etc. Some of the packers & movers companies also provide an online form through which you can obtain quotes.

• Can I keep costs down by helping with the furniture removals?

Jump on in!! You can help our removalists as little or as much as you like. The faster the move, the more you save!

• How much notice do you need for the booking?

You can book for same day service if you like. However, the more notice you give us the more likely we will be available at the time that you require a furniture removalist. One to two weeks’ notice is standard.

• How long will the move take?

This depends on a number of factors including, the nature and number of the items to be moved, the access (eg stairs or lift) at either end of the move and how close we can park the truck to your front door. As a rough guide:
One bedroom: 2 to 3 hours
Two bedrooms: 3 to 4 hours
Three to Four bedrooms: 5 to 6 hours
Rest assured that our professional furniture removalists always aim to move you as efficiently and safely as possible.

• When and how do I pay?

You can pay by cash, visa or master card. All payments must be made immediately at the completion of each furniture removals job. A $10 fee applies to all credit card transactions.
Fuel Levy calculation, please visit prices and trucks page

• Why does Jake Removals charge by the hour for furniture removals?

Charging by the hour results in a cheaper price. Sales people from other companies calculate a fixed price based on the estimated MAXIMUM time each part of your move will take. They always allow for additional time, so fixed prices are costed to the maximum time your move may take.

• Does Jake Removals have insurance?

We have Public Liability Insurance for pick up and drop off properties.
In relation to the items we are transporting we can offer a “break and repair guarantee”.
To be covered by our guarantee the items must be:
1. Packed and wrapped by our removalists only.
2. Items transportated and removed by our removalists only.
3. Listed on the contract as guaranteed.
4. Items do not have any existing damage.
5. You must notify us of any damage before job completion.

Insurance Options: If you need further cover against loss or damage to your goods then we recommend that you take out insurance before the relocation.
You may be able to:
1. simply add insurance for the removal onto your current policy for household contents, or
2. book online with insurers such as

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