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Handling Unexpected Occurrences During Move From Storage Facility To Richmond

While moving is already quite stressful, unexpected occurrences can make things even harder. For instance, when moving a recent client from one neighborhood to another, something odd happened – the client realized that they had misplaced the keys to the new home. And while this almost never happens, we were equipped to handle the situation.

Since we have a storage facility, we had to store their items there while they stayed in a hotel and worked on getting replacement keys. And as luck would have it, after a day’s delay, we were back in action. Of course, the client had to spend more money than they had originally expected, but there really wasn’t any other choice considering it was too late to go back to the old home.

Ultimately, it was a tough situation that our team handled with grace and poise. After being informed of the change of plans, the moving team quickly went to the storage facility and safely unpacked the luggage. And when it was time to move to the house in Richmond, the same team handled the move. Using tools like ramps, doilies, and bubble wrap, they ensured that even the most fragile of items arrived and were unpacked safely. After all the back and forth, we were happy to be able to maintain high-quality customer service.

The customer was so relieved that they not only tipped us but also referred us to other clients. Ultimately, it is our versatility and highly transparent communication that allows us to navigate such unexpected situations.

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