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Fairly Large Full Sized 9 Foot Pool Table Moving

Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

Fairly Large Full Sized 9 Foot Pool Table Moving From Greensborough to Burwood by Jake Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

  • Suzanne contacted us through our website seeking a quote. She advised that she needed assistance in moving her fairly large full sized 9 foot pool table.
  • On this day the 6 Tonne truck was required, which we generally use for a pool table removal as it has a hydraulic lift on the back assisting with lifting heavier than usually items.
  • Robert and Jay who were assigned to the move are very skilled and experienced movers. They are very competent, professional and hard-working guys who love their job and helping customers move their homes and property.
  • They use special pool table trolleys to assist with pool table removals, usually starting with dismantling and taking the pool table top off and carrying the top on its side on the specially designed pool table trolley. Some pool table tops require the tops to be separated into smaller pieces and then put back together once it has been moved to the new location.
  • They are very careful at making sure both the pool table and the properties are never damaged and use the hydraulic lift on the back of the truck to lift the pool table into the back of the truck.
  • Once at the new property the pool table is put back together and positioned to the area of the home that the customer requires.
  • Suzanne was very excited and relieved at the service provided and gave the guys 5 stars and would not hesitate to recommend Jake Removals for anyone seeking Pool Table Removalists Melbourne.

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Pool Table Removalists Melbourne


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8 Foot Pool Table Removalists Melbourne Job Done Perfectly

Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

Pool table removalists Melbourne Jobs normally require large trucks than normal moving.

8 foot pool table moving from: Eltham to Diamond Creek

  • Melanie contacted us via email requested to have her beloved pool table moved from Eltham to Diamond Creek.
  • Melanie advised that it was an 8foot pool table with a slate top which makes the table very heavy and that there was also 1 step at each of the properties.
  • Moving a pool table requires one of our larger trucks due to the requirement of the larger hydraulic lift at the rear so the 6T truck was assigned to this move.
  • Our team for the day was Eric and Jack, a great team that have a great work ethic and enjoy working together very professionally. They are also very efficient and very friendly guys.
  • The guys first assess what would be the easiest way to move the item through the property with the least amount of fuss and difficulty.
  • The top of the table is disassembled from the legs and placed carefully onto the pool table trolley and wheeled onto the hydraulic lift and then into the truck by the men.
  • When it comes to properties with steps they require using ramps to assist with wheeling the pool table trolley in up and down steps due to the size of the tables.
  • Melanie was very happy with her move and delighted with the hard work provided by Jack and Eric and would use our services again and highly recommend to anyone looking for pool table removalists Melbourne and gave a 5/5 star review on word of mouth.

Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

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Pool Table Removalists Narre Warren | Jake Move

Packing and moving your furniture can sound like a complete hassle. What’s an even bigger hassle is working out how to manage large, bulky items such as pool tables. If you’re searching for the handiest pool table removalists Narre Warren has to offer, this is the part Jake Move slides into the picture.

This week, the team was presented with a few challenges when assisting their latest client, Laurie, with a removal job for a 9ft pool table. Typically, whichever items are in need moving, are packed and removed via the front the door. In this particular case, this was simply not an option due to 10 giant steps ahead of the front door. The only remaining option was to use the back door, which came with its own set of challenges as well.

Professional equipment such as the pool table trolley couldn’t fit through the back due to narrow walls and minimal space. The guys had to manoeuvre through some sharp turns and corners. But first, they wrapped the pool table in a blanket on the ground for its protection. Jake Move understands that personal belongings, no matter how big or small, are filled with sentimental value. The perils of moving can potentially put those very sentimental pieces at risk of being broken, or damaged – something Laurie was incredibly conscious about.

The workers at Jake Move are experts in their field, so in their quest to deliver the best possible service, they handled the table with care, and crafted a plan for its removal, not only to avoid potentially damaging the table, but also to protect the workers who are involved in the moving process. For more information on safety in the workplace, contact WorkSafe Victoria.

The table was delivered from Warren North to a new office space. Laurie was incredibly pleased with the outcome of the move and mentioned that Jake Move are hardest working pool table removalists Melbourne had ever seen.

If you’re on the lookout for the best pool table removalists Narre Warren has to offer, or if the mere idea of moving all your furniture has left you feeling stressed out, contact Jake Move – the most reliable removalists Melbourne has to offer.

Truck-Pool Table Removalists Narre Warren

Pool Table Removalists Patterson Lakes | Jake Move

This week, Jake Move was contacted by a client by the name of Mark, who was interested in knowing whether or not we could assist him by moving his pool table from Patterson Lakes to his new home in Warrandyte South. Jake Move had been recommended to him as one of the best pool table removalists Patterson Lakes has to offer.

Movers Melbourne-Pool Table Removalists Patterson Lakes

The type of service involved in this particular job was the removal of a standard 8ft pool table. Mark has used Jake Move’s services previously, so when he purchased a new pool table, he made a call right away to make a booking. Pool tables require special attention, otherwise permanent damage may occur. And that’s precisely why Mark wanted the most reliable pool table removalists Patterson Lakes had ever seen.

Mark was incredibly pleased and made a point of mentioning that every time he’s contacted Jake Move for their services, he’s always had a positive and fairly stress-free experience. A close friend of his had previously suffered a terrible experience with a moving company that had neglected to handle his property with care. But as a result of this successful experience, Mark’s gone on to recommend the Jake Move team to his fellow friends and family for all their storage and removal needs.

Each job that Jake Move undertakes is treated as a unique endeavour and requires complete attention to even the smallest detail. Our team realises  that it’s not just about relocating objects, it’s about a client’s personal attachment to their belongings.

If you’re on the hunt for the best movers Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Jake Move. With professionally trained removalists, and the right, helpful can-do attitude, it’s a no-brainer why people are calling them the best pool table removalists Melbourne has to offer.


Pool Table Removalists Berwick | Jake Move

Searching for the most reliable pool table removalists Berwick has to offer? Look no further than Jake Move. They recently helped a client, Silvio, with their professional removal services.

Removalists Melbourne-Pool Table Removalists Berwick

Silvio contacted Jake Move after purchasing an extremely heavy pool table. At the time of the booking he was not aware that it was 2 feet larger than what he had described. As a result, when Jake Move team arrived at the scene, they were standing before an 11 ft pool table, instead of the 9ft table they were expecting.

This proved to be a challenging task for the moving professionals. Despite coming prepared with a helpful and can-do attitude, oftentimes errors in communication can lead complications on the day. Silvio was incredibly apologetic about the mix-up and offered to help out whenever it was appropriate to do so.

The two guys from Jake Move assured Silvio that errors in details happen all the time, and that he certainly wasn’t alone. And while Silvio was adamant to help, he was reminded that Jake Move didn’t pride themselves on being the most helpful pool table removalists Berwick had seen for nothing.

It was a tremendous feat, but little by little, the guys chipped away with the move; slowly yet surely, and mindful of keeping the pool table in tact. Ultimately, they got there in the end! Silvio was incredibly appreciative of the professionalism and team effort displayed by the guys, and felt relieved that his brand new pool table is located in the safety of his home.

Moving can be tricky business. Knowing and providing accurate details about the furniture and equipment in need of moving can save you huge amounts of time and hassle on the day of the move. If you’re searching for the handiest pool table removalists Melbourne has to offer, reach out to Jake Move Removals and Storage – the best removalists Melbourne has seen yet.

Pool Table Removalists Greensborough | Jake Move

Are you on the hunt for one of the most efficient pool table removalists Greensborough has to offer? Lauren, our latest client, reached out to Jake Move last week in hopes of finding a reliable moving service.

Pool Table Removalists-Pool Table Removalists Greensborough

Shifting over to a new house in Templestowe, Lauren was enthralled in the packing and moving process. Her only issue was a gigantic, 7 ft pool table that needed to be carried across town. Having moved around a lot in her childhood, she was confident with the moving process, but her primary concern was the well-being of the pool table.

She confided in us by telling us that it’s not that she couldn’t hire a truck and find some friends to help out, but if she did decide to go down the independent route, there was no guarantee that her pool table would end up in the same condition as when it leaves the previous home.

The pool table was purchased from the previous owner, and Lauren had grown quite fond of it. She didn’t want any damage to occur during the moving process, which is precisely what fuelled her search for one of the most reliable pool table removalists Greensborough had ever seen.

Packaging and Moving-Pool Table Removal Services Greensborough

Lauren mentioned that she was skeptical of other moving companies because not each professional treats other people’s property with the same level of care as if it were their own precious belonging. But after some initial conversation she was happy to mention that Jake Move was recommended to her by the previous owner – the same one from whom she bought the pool table to begin with. In fact, it was Jake Move that carried out the original pool table removal from the previous owner as well!

It goes without saying that if the table was in such an immaculate condition at the time of purchase, there was nothing to be concerned about the second time around. Lauren was ecstatic about the results of the moving process and mentioned that the two guys at Jake Move did another great job. She’d never seen any other company move a pool table with as much ease.

If you’re searching for the most efficient pool table removalists Melbourne has to offer, Jake Move is the best team for the job.


Pool Table Removalists Melbourne Collingwood | Jake Move

pool table removalists melbourne

Moving can be tricky business. Sometimes you don’t get much warning when the place you’re relocating to isn’t ready on time. In this case, that’s exactly what happened when a client received a call one day before the move to let him know the house wasn’t going to be ready for another two weeks! In a state of panic he scoured the internet and chanced upon Jake Move, leading professionals providing pool table removalists Melbourne services. A quick and easy conversation with the team saw him using their storage facility to store some of his belongings including his pool table that he didn’t have the heart to get rid off for the next two weeks.

Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

Jake Move was more than happy to help, and organised the client’s moving and storage services without any fuss or extra stress to the client. During the two weeks that the furniture was kept in storage, the client had complete peace of mind about security. At Jake Move, an alarm that operates 24/7, surveillance cameras, and thick, padded locks secure everything that’s kept in storage.


Storage Services Bentleigh East Facility-Storage Melbourne-

After all of his belongings were relocated from the storage centre to the client’s new residential building property, the client called the office to convey his appreciation for providing immediate storage for him. He also asked the office to pass on a big thank you to the removalists who went above and beyond with a terrific attitude, and played a crucial hand in assisting the client during his moving crisis.

You want the most professional Pool Table Removalists Melbourne can offer, in addition to trained experts that know how to handle your valuables, so why wait? If you require immediate assistance from the best pool table removalists Melbourne has to offer, contact Jake Move for all your moving and storage services today.