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7 Foot Pool Table Moving in Templestowe by Jake Removalists Melbourne

7 Foot Pool Table Removals in Templestowe by Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • Gus had contacted us over the phone to discuss his upcoming move and to get an estimated pricing.
  • After discussing the move with Gus in great details he advised that he did have quite a large amount of furniture required to move and that furniture also included a 7 foot slate top pool table.
  • We had to decided that the use of the 10T truck which is our largest would be required for this type of move with the best chance of completing the move in one trip.
  • Our 10T truck is great for large moves at 53 m3 it has the largest amount of space available for our larger home moves and has a great hydraulic lift on the back of the truck for all the large and bulky items.
  • Our team that we chose for this move was Luke and Jack from Jake Removalists Melbourne. Both very experienced and friendly. They are extremely hard working, careful and professional when they are on the job making for a very pleasant and easy move for our customers.
  • All items were taken great care of and were carefully wrapped when required in the thick furniture blankets and plastic wrap and the guys made good use out of all tool available to them from the dolleys, trolleys, ramps and the hydraulic lift.
  • Gus was very impressed by the work conducted by our very experienced movers. There was no damage to either property or items.
  • Gus would most definitely be recommending our services to all family and friends seeking Removalists Melbourne.

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