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When Duty Calls – Top Class Furniture Handling From Jake Removals Melbourne

If there’s one thing that makes us stand out from other movers, it has to be our attention to detail. No matter how many things you want to move, Jake removalists Melbourne will ensure that every little one will arrive safely and quickly – even your plants will be grateful.  So when we recently got a call from a client looking to move his family from one 4-bedroom house to another, we were sure we could handle it.

First of all, we went over to their house and helped them take inventory of all the stuff they were moving. While we would ordinarily just send over a checklist for a client to take inventory themselves, we felt that the size of the move warranted an extra pair of eyes. So we sent over a team member to handle that.

After setting the date and time of the move with the client, we organised a team and ensured we had allocated enough trucks for it. Once the day of the move arrived, our team members arrived on time and started carefully packing the client’s items into the truck. This involved taking apart large pieces of furniture, using doilies to move things around, and wrapping everything in blankets or wrapping paper.

They also ensured that everything was arranged properly in the truck to avoid breakage. Needless to say, by the time we finished our 4-hour journey to the client’s new place, everything was intact. In fact, the client was so pleased with Jake removalists Melbourne’s services that they referred their friends to us.

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