We Have Acquired a New Truck

We Have Acquired a New Truck – Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • As well as hiring additional staff members we have also acquired a new truck.
  • Jake Removalists Melbourne has just recently upgraded one of our former 10 Tonne trucks to a newer model.
  • The former truck was used to its fullest potential with hundreds of moves conducted under its belt.
  • There are many upgrades that will assist in giving the best possible service to all our customers.
  • A new tail gate and great warranty for all aspects of the truck which is great for the best possible performance and reliability.
  • Sleek in design and upgraded to maximize space and loading potential.
  • It boasts brand new wooden interior flooring and carpeted walls which helps protects item from being damaged during transit and looks very professional.
  • New blankets in the truck which accompanied the new truck. Brand new aluminium ramp for the heavy items which is great in ensuring all items are taken care of.
  • Automatic truck for easier driving and less wear and tear which will assist in a more reliable and productive, professional and trustworthy service.