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Jake Removals Melbourne Cares Our Customer’s Stuff Very Much

Jake Removals Melbourne Cares Our Customer’s Stuff Very Much

Of all the things we are known for, professionalism is at the very top. When we’re doing a move, our team not only arrives at your home on time but we are also very gentle with your belongings. Case in point, although in our latest escapades we had to move a client with a ton of furniture, we were extremely successful.

And this client really did have it all; huge couches, big cabinets, and even a piano to boot. While we would be lying if we said it wasn’t a bit stressful, we handled it all in stride. First of all, Jake Removals Melbourne went over to the client’s home and took a thorough inventory of all that had to be moved. And after fully understanding what we were dealing with, we sent them a detailed quotation.

Once we were in agreement about all logistical aspects of the move, we started our preparations, assigning a team of 4 movers to the case. On the day of the move, the team arrived early in the morning and began loading the vans, starting with the bulky furniture first.

To make things easier, we used dollies, sliders and ramps, especially when moving the piano. Moreover, we used plastic wrap, heavy cloth, bubble wrap, and padding to farther protect the furniture from any sudden shock during the trip. And as if that wasn’t enough, we made sure to carefully store together all parts of the furniture pieces that we did manage to disassemble, especially the screws.

Since we also had to drive very carefully to avoid sudden movements, we were really glad to reach the client’s new home in just over 4 hours. And if his glowing feedback is to be trusted, the customer was really happy too.

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