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What You Need To Do and Plan 2-4 Weeks Before Your Moving

The actual moving day is getting closer. Jake Removalists Melbourne recommend you some tips which can be planned 2 to 4 weeks before the moving.


• Finalize moving transportation and make necessary arrangements (i.e. helpers).
• Schedule disconnection / connection of utilities at old and new home:
• Phone, Internet, Water, Gas, Electric- have a few spare light bulbs on hand just in case. Strangely some people take them when moving
• Discontinue any delivery services, automated payment plans and local memberships (i.e. gym).
• Change your contact details with various service providers (banks, licence, insurance, lawyer, etc.).
• If you have a pet you must change/update its registration with your council.
• Organize contents insurance if you don’t already have any.
• Create an inventory list of items (furniture, boxes etc) to use as a check list on moving day.
• Begin packing non-essential items. You can buy some packing material form Jake Removalists Melbourne if needed.
• Label boxes by room and contents (bathroom, kitchen, laundry, etc.) -get the removalists to put the boxes directly into the room labelled on the box, this will help make the unpacking process more manageable.
• Identify valuable items to transfer separately – label as DO NOT MOVE.
• Create an essentials box to keep with you on the day of your move and the first couple of days of moving so you don’t have to search through and open all of the boxes.
• clean bed linen for each bed, toilet paper, paper towel, snacks, water, cups, coffee, all-purpose cleaner, bin liners, scissors, paper plates, hand soap, tools to help you assemble items, toiletries, medication, such as pain relief, first aid kit, you may need a Band-Aid or two, tissues, pet supplies, dustpan, kitchen sponge, detergent for dishes, corkscrew/bottle opener
• Store valuable items like jewellery and legal documents at the bank / or in a safe place while moving.
• Confirm the time of settlement with your Lawyer/Conveyancer if buying.
• Contact a cleaning service, if you are using one, to ensure they are available on moving day.
• Arrange time off work if possible for moving day.

Additional tips if you are renting

  • Formally notify your landlord or property manager of the date you’re vacating the premises.
  • When moving out of a rental property, you may need to steam clean your carpet, and ensure the property is returned in a satisfactory state.
  • Arrange for a property inspection to recoup the bond.

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