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Two Days Interstate Move From Seaford SA to Traralgon VIC

2 Days Interstate Removals by Jake Interstate Removalists Melbourne

  • Daryl was a very friendly and happy customer. We had many great conversations leading up to his move with what kind of service he required and where he was moving to.
  • Daryl was moving from Seaford in South Australia as he was selling up his home and making the long move across to Traralgon in Victoria which is around the 9-10 hour drive time for our trucks and that’s not including the stopovers for lunch and bathroom breaks.
  • At first Daryl was not too sure on the date that he would be able to move as he was awaiting settlement to go through and for anyone who has been through the house selling and purchasing process it can sometimes give an uncertain feeling waiting on banks and other parties to agree on fixed times to settle.
  • Eventually we were able to finalise a date which was Sunday 23 June and Monday 24 June.
  • Daryl had a large 3 bedroom home that he required to move and we had worked with him in coming up with an agreeable fixed rate pricing which we offer for all interstate moves due to the amount of time involved and gives a great competitive rate for our customers.
  • With our interstate moves they are generally also over 2 days due to the distance of the move and not physically being able to complete everything in one day.
  • For this move our team assigned for the day was the double Eric team, which makes it a lot easy for our customers to remember their names. They are a couple of great friends who are always happy and ready to assist our customer at the best of their ability.
  • The truck size required was our largest which is the 10T truck which carries around 53 cubic metres worth of furniture, you could possibly get away with an 8 T truck for a 3 bedroom, however with interstate moves we do need to go over to be sure that it can all fit as it is only possible to do one journey interstate with a 9-10 hour drive understandably.
  • The team of Eric’s first part of the move on Sunday 23 June was to make the quite long journey from our depot in Notting Hill to South Australia with some very picturesque views along the way.
  • It was decided that our team would travel on the 23rd June and load the truck that day also. They would then travel back to Traralgon in Victoria after a good nights rest the following day and unload Daryl’s goods that day also.
  • As per usual all items were treated with the best of care with the assistance of the hydraulic lift on the back of the truck and also thanks to a large supply of high quality thick furniture blankets, heavy duty trolleys and dolleys and also plastic wrapping if required.
  • Daryl was very happy at the end of this move with the whole process from booking through to the move and service we provided.
  • Daryl sent through a great 5 star review with these comments “Absolutely fabulous. Eric 1+2 were great value, fab, service great and will definitely recommend Jakes.”
  • Another satisfied customer who would gladly recommend our services for Interstate Removalists Melbourne

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