Repeat and Loyal customer Had 2 Bedrooms Move From Thornbury to Berwick

2 Bedrooms Move From Thornbury to Berwick by Jake Furniture Removalists Melbourne

  • Anoushka is one of our very many repeat and loyal customers. We have moved her twice before in 2017 from Harkaway to Box hill then in 2018 from Box Hill to Thornbury.
  • This time Anoushka was moving from Thornbury to Berwick and both were 2 bedroom properties.
  • She also advised us that she still had the same amount of furniture as the previous move so deciding on the truck size was a very easy job for us.
  • We would be assigning our 6T truck for this move which is the perfect size for a large 1 bedroom or a standard 2 bedroom home. Our definition of standard for a 2 bed home is bedroom furniture which generally consists of bed, mattress, side drawers and or dresser then for the rest of the home we have sofas, coffee table, dining table and chairs/stools, white goods, possibly some small outdoor furniture and or bbq and a number of boxes typically between 10-30. Each move is different but these are the staples of your standard home with each persons unique personal belongings added.
  • Our team for this move was Eric and Lee. Great movers who are very friendly and dedicated to creating a stress free and enjoyable moving experience for our customers. Eric was also the driver/worker for Anoushkas first move back in 2017 which is always great to reunite customers with familiar movers.
  • All items were packed and wrapped superbly with the use of our high quality furniture blankets and plastic wrapping and the heavy items were moved with ease thanks to the very handy hydraulic lift on the back on the truck which you will find at the back of all of our trucks increasing productivity and also longevity of our beloved workers due to the physical demand of moving furniture most days of the week.
  • Anoushka was once again delighted with the service of both our office and our workers cementing her trust and loyalty for the very likely possibility of a future move.
  • Another 5 star review and Anoushka would recommend our services to anyone seeking removalists Melbourne

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