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What You Need To Do On the Moving Day

Moving day is closer, lots of things you may need to think and prepare. Jake Removalists Melbourne gives you some tips you need to know couple days before moving day.

1-4 Days Before Moving:

• Make a schedule or action plan for the day of the move.
• Drain fuel from lawn mowers and discard any hazardous or flammable substances which could prove dangerous during the moving process.
• Make sure essential tools are handy (screwdrivers, tape, vacuum cleaner, etc.).
• Pack a bag for water bottles, pen/paper, snacks, documents, and essentials.
• Set aside boxes/items that you have decided to move yourself.
• Clean!

Moving Day: At your old home

• Remove bedding and disassemble beds – be sure to pack bedding in your essential items box.
• Babysitter – if possible, organise to get somebody to look after the kids and pets.
• Esky – have an esky and ice packs on hand to put in all the food from the fridge.
• Check off all furniture and boxes against your inventory list as they go into the moving truck.
• Bed assembly – Get the removalists to help you assemble any furniture like beds, it’s a job that you really don’t want to be doing late in the evening while everybody is exhausted and tired.
• Complete one last check of the old property to ensure nothing was left behind ( i.e.) look behind doors and in cupboards, etc.
• Leave your contact information for new residents to forward mail.
• Make sure the movers have the correct new address and you have their mobile number to contact them if there is a confusion.
• Carry all important items with you (passports, cash, other important documents, etc.).
• Lock the windows, doors and turn off the lights.
• Return keys if applicable.

At Your New Home

Before you move give your new house by Jake Removalists Melbourne a good clean before moving all the boxes over.  It’s so much easier to wipe over kitchen shelves and vacuum all the carpets while the house is empty.  Despite the showers looking clean I gave them a good clean again.

  • Verify utilities are working: Phone, Internet, Water, Gas, Electricity, Heating & Cooling
  • Organise pest control– get the pest control to spray the house the day before you moved in, then you don’t have to worry about moving any furniture later.
  • Clean the kitchen and vacuum as needed (especially where furniture will be going).
  • Assemble beds and make up beds as soon as possible.
  • Begin unpacking – start with the kitchen and bathroom and other essentials
  • Bathroom stocked– put toilet paper, hand soap, hand towel in each of the bathrooms. Shower ready – put soap and bath towels for each person in the bathrooms, after a long day you will want a nice shower.
  • Take photos of your new home– so you can take the time to look through them and be able to visualise where you want items placed before the move. This is also good for renters to have as a reference for their landlords to prevent unnecessary repair fees (as it may have been broken before moving in).
  • Don’t be too organised – unpack the boxes and place into drawers and cupboard, but don’t be too worried about it being orderly and organised, once all the boxes are unpacked you can go back when you have time and neaten it up.

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