Friendly Customer Had 3 Bedrooms Move From Seaford to Frankston

3 Bedrooms Move From Seaford to Frankston by Jake Furniture Removalists Melbourne

  • Ashley requested a moving quote through our website in which we were happy to respond with a friendly phone call.
  • Ashley advised us that she was looking to move her 3 bed home in Seaford to the neighbouring suburb of Frankston. She did also mention that she also had a make shift bedroom in her garage consisting of a few pieces of furniture.
  • Ashley advise us that she would have a few people assisting her on the day of the move and so was hopefully planning for around 4 hours if possible and will be moving as much of the smaller items beforehand that they could to cut down on time and costs.
  • Ashley also advised us that she had in her possession a pin ball machine that would also need to be moved. This item thankfully would only need to go ground floor to ground floor and with a weight of approximately 80kgs would be no problem for our movers as we do also move upright pianos and pool tables which are very heavy and awkward to move.
  • We decided on the largest of our trucks for this move which is our very impressive 10T.
  • This truck comes fully equipped with all of your everyday furniture removal supplies and accessories required. This includes our very handy trolleys and dolleys, used to easily move large items of all shapes and sizes combined with great ramp placement can make a big difference in time required to move certain items and even to assist with some items that may have been impossible to move without them. Last but not least the 10T has a very large hydraulic lift on the back for all of the heavy items which is a great help for our workers as furniture removal is a very physically demanding profession.
  • Our team chosen for this move was Luke and Ray. These are two very friendly and hard working men who take great pride in creating a great stress free moving experience for all of our customers.
  • The move was completed with great success, no damage to items and or property including her beloved pin ball machine. With the assistance of Ashley and her friends that she had rallied to assist her we were able to keep her costs down by completing her move below the estimated 4 hours to 3.5 hours which is extremely impressive considering the size of the move.
  • As one can imagine Ashley was very happy with her move and would not hesitate to recommend our services to anyone seeking Furniture Removalists Melbourne and also supplied us with a great 5 star review.
  • “Fantastic service guys worked quickly and carefully and were very friendly, highly recommend, went above and beyond.”

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