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Small House Moving From Rural Suburb of Victoria to Ringwood

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Small House Moving From Longwarry North to Ringwood by Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • Brett called our office to discuss his upcoming move. He was a new customer and we were happy to help.
  • Brett was looking for assistance to move from his Longwarry North 2 bedroom single storey home which is a rural suburb of Victoria to Ringwood which is closer to the hustle and bustle of busy Melbourne.
  • Brett advised that we had your standard household furniture, beds, side tables, dressers, sofas, white goods, dining and between 15-20 boxes.
  • Once we gathered all the information provided we settled on our 6T truck. The 6t is perfect for your standard 2 bedroom home or for a large 1 bedroom home or small office relocation.
  • The 6T comes fully equipped with high quality furniture blankets, plastic wrapping, dolleys, trolleys and the all important hydraulic lift which is capable of lifting items in excess of 1 Tonne.
  • Our team for this move was the amazing Robert and Ray. Robert is one of our more experienced if not the most experienced furniture mover we have at Jake Removals. Robert was joined by Ray who is one of our newer employees and has proven himself to be a great new asset to the company and has learnt a lot from our veteran employees.
  • All items were handled with great care by Rob and Ray which is to be expected and no damage to items or property.
  • Brett was very happy with the work provided by Rob and Ray and he left us a great 5 star review.
  • “Everything went smoothly and nothing was damaged in the move. Took the time that I expected. Would recommend.”
  • Great to hear we have completed another smooth and stress free move for a new and hopefully returning customer who was more than happy to recommend our services to anyone seeking Furniture Movers Melbourne.

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