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Another Satisfied Customer Would Recommend Jake Removals Melbourne to Friends

Furniture Removalists Melbourne

3 Bedrooms Move From Bayswater to Boronia by Jake Furniture Removalists Melbourne

  • Paula sent through an email request for a quote to move from her 3 bedroom single storey home that she had been living in for many years in Bayswater and moving to her new unit in Boronia.
  • We contacted Paula to discuss her move and she advised that she was planning to downsize to a smaller unit as her children were no longer at home which is also known as an empty nest.
  • We had decided on using our 8 Tonne truck which is perfect for moving a large 2 bed home to a 3 bed home as she did still have quite a number of belongings to take with her.
  • The 8T is one of the larger trucks and is great for the medium to large moves as it comes fully equipped with trolleys, dolleys and the large hydraulic lift.
  • Robert and Tylor were our 2 workers assigned to this move. Robert is one of our more experienced if not the most experienced furniture mover we have at Jake Removals. Robert was joined by Tylor who is one of our newer employees and has proven himself to be a great new asset to the company and has learnt a lot from our veteran employees.
  • All items were moved with the greatest of care as our trucks contain many heavy duty and high quality furniture blankets and plastic wrapping. This is our number priority which is mixed with great efficiency and outstanding customer service to make for an excellent furniture moving experiences for all customers.
  • The timing for this move was also extremely efficient as the guys completed this move with 2.5 hours which is an amazing effort.
  • Paula was very happy with the completed job and left an amazing 5 star review.
  • ”Rob and Tyler were amazing, friendly, helpful and super efficient. I Would definitely recommend Jake Removals to all friends and family. Made my move much easier.”
  • Great work everyone and another satisfied customer who would recommend our services to anyone seeking Furniture removals Melbourne.

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Furniture Removalists Melbourne