Small House Moving From Kensington to Essendon West By Jake Movers Melbourne

Three Bedroom House Moving from Kensington to Essendon West By Jake Movers Melbourne

  • Rebecca contacted us via email requesting information about services we can provide for her upcoming move.
  • Rebecca advised us that she was moving from a double storey 3 bedroom home in Kensington to another 3 bedroom double storey home in Essendon West.
  • After discussing Rebeccas needs we agreed on our 8T truck which is great for moving a large 2 bedroom or standard 3 bedroom home.
  • As Rebecca was moving on a Tuesday we do offer special rates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with any truck 6T and up starting from $100+GST per hour for 2 men which is a great bargain and can save our customers hundreds of dollars potentially.
  • Our team designated for this move was Rob and Jay. A great team who are very hard workers and have many years of experience in the furniture removal industry. They are very efficient and dedicated to providing great service and a stress free move for our customers.
  • Rebecca had your standard household furniture, bedroom items, living, dining, white goods and miscellaneous items. She did also have an upright piano which is not your standard item of furniture. Pianos do take extra care and experience to move due to the size and weight of the items. Luckily our workers are very experienced with items like pianos and pool tables.
  • Rebecca also required some items like her beds to be dismantled and reassembled at her new home which is not a problem as our trucks do also come equipped with many tools for such requests.
  • Dismantling of furniture such as beds makes a big difference in the space available in our trucks, providing more room for other items.
  • Each of our trucks comes equipped with a specially designed trolley for moving upright pianos. The specially designed trolleys combined with the trucks hydraulic lifts makes moving items like pianos and pool tables possible with only 2 strong workers required.
  • Rebeccas items were treated extremely well and all fragile items were wrapped and moved carefully, providing a stress free and easy move which we strive for.
  • Rebecca was very happy with her move and left us a great 5 star review.
  • “Very happy with the service. Rob and Jay have done a good job with care of our items. I would recommend their service.”

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