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Things to Do and Plan 6 Weeks Before Your Moving

Wanting to create your next move as stress free as possible? Jake Removals Melbourne will provide you some tips. Spending a little time planning now can save you a whole lot of hassles in the days leading up to move home, which is when you will be too busy to think about all the other little things involved in moving house. This helpful moving planner will help you organise your move, with checklists for all elements of moving, pages to help you plan dates, room layouts and more, you’ll find everything you need to eliminate the overwhelm and be able to focus on being ready and stress free for the day you move house.

Things to Do and Plan 6-8 Weeks Before Your Moving

  • Plan your move with our very experienced and trusted movers at Jake Removals Melbourne.
  • Create a folder to keep a record of everything related to your move (receipts, inventory, etc)
  • Cleaning Services
  • Confirm with the agent when you can pick up with keys. This will determine your moving day.
  • Book storage boxes from Jake Storage Melbourne if needed.
  • Redirect your mail and fill out a Change of Address form at a post office or online.
  • Design and plan your space. Try to establish the exact purpose of every room;
  • Pack boxes accordingly – you can use a floor plan or sketch – colour coding boxes so it’s easy to identify which room they belong in.
  • Hold a garage sale, donate, sell, or throw out unnecessary items – take the opportunity while packing to purge items you no longer use. Sell, donate or throw these items away, don’t take items you no longer use to clutter up the new house. If you don’t have the opportunity to part with them before the move label the box to sell or donate so you don’t unpack it.
  • Plan and schedule repairs to be done.
  • Contact the local council to arrange a rubbish pick up if you are getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Acquire packing materials from Jake Removals Melbourne

If you have not arranged for us to organise the packing process for you in which we can supply the packing material.

  • Boxes, tape/tape gun, furniture coverings
  • Newspapers/bubble wrap/butcher block paper
  • Labels, Markers

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