Returning Customer Moving within Frankston By Jake Removalists Melbourne

Returning Customer Amy Had Moving within Frankston By Jake Removalists Melbourne

  • Amy contacted us by email requiring our assistance for her upcoming move. Amy was also a returning customer who we had previously moved a few years ago which is always great.
  • The last move we arranged for Amy was a large 4 bedroom home requiring a large 10T truck and 3 men. This move however was s smaller sized move as they had began downsizing to suite their lifestyles more which is very common these days with “empty nesters”.
  • Amy had advised us that she was not moving too far and staying within the Frankston area in Victoria.
  • They had almost cut what they previously had in half making the contents equivalent to that of 2-3 bedroom home.
  • With this information gathered we were able to arrange for our 6T truck to be used which is the perfect size for a 2bedroom home or a small 3 bed. The 6T comes equipped with a very large hydraulic lift on the back to assist the movers with the larger household items like fridges, washing machines and large pieces of furniture. The 6T also come fully equipped for any situation with very thick and durable high quality furniture blankets, trolleys and dolleys for all occasions and plenty of plastic wrapping to help secure and protect all items.
  • Our team assembled for this move consisted of Eric and Lee. Two very experienced furniture removalists who work very hard and very well together to assist our customers in a stress free and smooth house move.
  • All fragile items and carefully packed and wrapped to guarantee they are protected from any damage during the loading, unloading and transit times.
  • Amy was extremely happy once again and advised us that “Both guys were professional and efficient. I’m very happy with the way they worked. It certainly made the move easy”.
  • Great work once again from our guys and another amazing 5 star review.
  • Amy was very happy to once again recommend our services to anyone seeking furniture removalists Melbourne.

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