Renovation in Peace – Jake Removals & Storage Melbourne

At Jake Removals and Storage, we take the storage side of our business just as seriously as we take the removals side. Immediately a client reaches out for help with storage, we swoop into action. In fact, we had to do this just recently when we were approached by a client who was in the middle of renovating their home and needed a storage facility for their furniture until their renovation was done.

The client was renovating a four-bedroom house and had a lot of furniture that he and his family were worried about. As such, they needed the move to be done immediately. This wasn’t a problem though – once we were done discussing their storage needs, we quickly gave them a quote and planned for the day of the move.

On the agreed-upon day, we arrived early and quickly and carefully moved all the furniture to our storage facility. Everything was wrapped in a blanket and carried carefully to the storage site. Throughout the furniture’s stay in our storage facility, we ensured it remained safe and secure.

Thanks to our 24-hour video surveillance, 24-hour alarm monitoring, and keypad entry system though, this wasn’t difficult. And on the day that the client’s home renovation was over, we promptly transported the furniture to the home and unpacked it. Ultimately, the client and his family were so happy with our services that they referred some of their friends and relatives to us.

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