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Professional Pool Table Moving By Jake Removals Melbourne

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have been creating entertainment rooms in their homes. And with this, there has been an increase in the popularity of entertainment staples like pool tables. While these are quite heavy, we can help you out when you eventually need to move to a new place.

Here at Jake Removals, we have been moving different sizes of pool tables for years, and have gotten really good at it. No matter how heavy yours is, we can help you out.

When moving a client from one part of Melbourne to another, we recently had to move one of these tables. While it was one of the heaviest pool tables we have ever dealt with, we had both the equipment and expertise for the job. On the day of the move, we showed up with trucks that have hydraulic tailgate lifts.

These trucks are specifically designed to easily move heavy and delicate equipment. As such, they’re usually quite useful during our moves. In this particular case, they made moving the pool table a breeze. But this is not all we relied on – we also used specialized equipment to ensure that the table wasn’t damaged during the move.

Ultimately, the whole process lasted less than an hour, and the pool table got to the new place in good condition. The client was so thrilled that they hired us again for a different move.

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