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For many people, their piano is the most valuable possession. This was surely the case with Jake Move’s latest client, Sachin, who found us on the Internet after he bought his YAMAHA. Since this valuable instrument was something the client’s been wanting for a long time, he wanted to make sure he contacted the best piano movers Berwick has to offer.

The job entailed moving the piano from his house in Berwick, to a new property in Dandenong North. Jake Move sent over two removalists, who came to discover 7 large steps leading up to the front of house. As prepared and savvy the guys are, sometimes you come across a dilemma that doesn’t that offer an easy solution right off the bat.

As soon as the removalists noticed the steps, they realised this wasn’t going to be a two-man job. The guys suggested bringing on a third mover to assist with the project. But at this point the client started feeling a little stressed out. He didn’t realise the steps leading up to the house would be an issue, and he was incredibly eager to set up his new prized possession as quickly as possible.

In an effort to compromise, Sachin decided to call on his two trustworthy neighbours to come and help. Luckily, they were available and happy to help. Sachin was grateful for the team’s cooperation and helpful attitude. He mentioned that their ability to compromise is exactly the sort of thing that makes them the best piano movers Berwick has to offer.

If you’re on the hunt for the best piano movers Melbourne has to offer, look no further than Jake Move! This storage and removalists team is comprised of reliable, trained professionals, who make moving furniture equipment look easy. 

Storage and removal jobs are always at risk of exposing workers to potential hazards, which is why it’s vital to follow the correct safety procedures to protect yourself and others from harm. For more information on storage and warehousing safety, visit WorkSafe Victoria.