Packing and Moving within Port Melbourne by Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne

Packing and Moving within Port Melbourne by Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne

  • When Noel contacted us he was curious as to what services we provided. After a great discussion and listing our moving rates services and options available he required his 4 bedroom apartment with a lift to not only be moved but to also have many of his items packed and moved to a new apartment on the same street.
  • Packing is one of our many services Jake Removals and Storage Melbourne offers particularly when customers just don’t have the time to pack or are just unsure of how to pack and where to start.
  • We have a great selection of packaging products available on our website jakemove.com.au in our box shop tab containing a multitude of different sized boxes to tape and tape dispensers, furniture coverings, mobile wardrobes and many more.
  • With a large move like this as the items required to move were quite abundant we advised that it would be a great idea to have 3 men for this move and our largest truck the 10T.
  • Our team we selected was James, Jack and Daniar. All great workers who work extremely well together and are dedicated to doing the best job possible.
  • Noel was unsure as to what exactly he needed in regards to packing material so we provided him with boxes and wrapping paper and bubble wrap. Also as a great courtesy to our customers we also only charge for the products that are used on the move and any unused products are just brought back to our depot to be used in future moves.
  • All items were then carefully placed into out 10 Tonne truck assigned for this move which has a hydraulic lift which is very handy when moving the larger items.
  • Noel was extremely impressed at how well the whole move took place from start to finish and would not hesitate at all to recommend Jake Removals to any friends and family needing removals and storage Melbourne

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