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Searching for the best office relocation services St Kilda has to offer? Recently, Jake Move helped one of their clients, Mina from Migration Agent Melbourne, dismantle, pack and relocate furniture from St Kilda to Donvale. Mina was astonished by the quality of assistance he received from the moving team, who took the mess and stress right out of the moving process.

This time around the job was particularly heave-duty: a large reception desk that belonged to a medical clinic was in need of dismantling, as well as a few over-sized wall cabinets. Mina claims he was left feeling rather distraught after several moving companies refused to dismantle the cabinets from the wall, using  excuses like “it’s not our job” or “it’ll cost extra”. But much to his surprise, what Mina perceived to be the toughest issue, turned out to be a simple and stress-free task for Jake Move.

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Without a fuss, the movers carefully dismantled each frame off the wall, then wrapped and relocated all of the individual pieces to the truck. All the furniture was then carefully unpacked, moved and re-assembled in the new store. Mina was particularly impressed by the helpful attitude and level of professionalism that was constantly put forth for the duration of the relocation process. In essence, not only did Jake Move complete the relocation job properly, they made a conscious effort to ensure the client was comfortable and stress-free.

Mina highly recommends Jake Move to anyone who requires office movers in Melbourne, and wishes he would have reached out to the team sooner had he known how accommodating they would be. Moving doesn’t have to be a messy, stressful, or labour intensive activity.

On the hunt for the best removalists Melbourne can provide? The Jake Move team is ready to assist with any moving and storage services you may require. Providing professionally trained movers with a can-do attitude, prior and existing clients have raved about the peace of mind that comes while working with these qualified and helpful office movers.