Jake Removals Helped A Customer (Non-profit Organization) Relocation Needs

Jake Removals Helped A Customer (Non-profit Organization) Relocation Needs From Western Suburbs to Melbourne

  • Brodie had contacted us via phone to enquire about her services she required in which we were more than happy to oblige.
  • Brodie has become a great regular customer of ours. Her moves however consist of helping others in need through not for profit organisations in assisting them finding accommodation and to also assist with their moves.
  • We first conducted services with Brodie who works for a great organisation called Jesuit Social services back in November 2019.
  • For the past 3 months we have completed multiple home relocations for Brodie and other members of Jesuit Social Services to assist many of their customers who have needed a little help with funding for their moves.
  • Each of their moves typically is only quite small ranging between 3-4 hours at most. The moves generally also involve collecting items from storage facilities and units the company and other not for profit organisations acquire as they also provide customers with an opportunity to pick certain items of furniture and necessary belongings that they need for their new home.
  • We do also try to keep costs at a minimum as not for profit organisations do have limited funds that need to be spread for the many people requiring assistance.
  • Along with Jesuit Social services we also work with many other great organisations like Women’s Housing, Unison and Co Health.
  • These are all great companies assisting with others in need and we are more than happy to help the best we can. It does feel good to be able to assist people who have been struggling to afford accommodation, furniture, moving costs and unfortunately many do come from situations of domestic violence and all are very grateful to have been given this opportunity and for many a second chance on life.
  • Brodie and all other members of Jesuit social services and all other not for profit organisations are very happy with our work and advise all their customers have been extremely happy with their moves.
  • We enjoy being able to assist with customers of all walks of life and moves like these are additionally satisfying and we look forward to many more moves in the coming future.

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