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Melbourne Furniture Company Moving in Multiple Locations Over Two Weeks

Jake Removalists Melbourne Helped a Furniture Company Moving in Multiple Locations Over Two Weeks

  • Lauren contacted over the phone requesting a not so ordinary type of move.
  • They worked for a large furniture distribution company specialising in school furniture.
  • They required between 2 to 5 deliveries of school furniture to various schools throughout Melbourne over a 2-week period with a total of over 20 school deliveries.
  • Furniture included chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets and more.
  • We were happy to oblige the request and it would take an extensive amount of planning due to tight time frames and schedules for each school.
  • Lauren sent us through a copy of the schedule for the 2 week delivery order.
  • For this move we required the use of our largest truck the 10T due to the amount of furniture required to move and needing the use of the hydraulic lift.
  • Our team we chose for this task was Rob and Jay from Jake Removalists Melbourne, 2 of our most experienced movers who work extremely well together and are very efficient and hard working.
  • After the first week of deliveries there was a change in management with the furniture company so the schedules had to be adjusted and we were only advised the day before of timings. However even with adjustment we were able to deliver all items on time with great success.
  • Lauren was very happy with the work given by Rob and Jay and would highly recommend our company to anyone seeking removalists Melbourne.
  • We are fully insured. Check removalists Melbourne insurance.

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