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Moving a piano by professional movers from Jake Removals From South Melbourne to Cranbourne

Whether you are a piano enthusiast or even a music teacher, moving your upright piano is not something you should leave to just anyone. Since these instruments can weigh up to a thousand pounds and have thousands of moving parts, they can easily be damaged during a move. As such, you need to hire professionals like us who will ensure that they reach their destination in one piece without costing you a fortune.

Over the years, we have moved several upright pianos and have developed quite a knack for it. All our staff are trained on how to safely move even the heaviest upright pianos and are always looking for opportunities to do so. So when a customer hired us to move their piano from South Melbourne to Cranbourne, we were ecstatic.

We arrived at the premises early and began working immediately. First of all, we checked on the doors and passages to ensure that nothing would nick or obstruct the piano as we moved it outside. Secondly, we taped the lid over the piano and wrapped its pedals using plastic wrap.

Thirdly, we used heavy blankets to pad it on all its sides. Afterward, our 4-man crew lifted it onto the doily and rolled it to the truck outside. All this preparation was done to make sure that the piano would be safe during the entire journey, no matter what bumps were encountered along the way. And it worked – the piano got to Port Melbourne safely and in time.

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