Inner City Apartment Move | South Yarra to South Yarra

South yarra inner city move

JakeMove is a specialist removal service ready to help you move within the inner city of Melbourne. Moving houses in the inner city suburbs can be a very stressful experience due to the congested traffic and limited parking space. Things can become especially frustrating when moving furniture and all your belongings on your own. Not only are Melbourne drivers considered to be the worst in the world, the inner city is also crammed with trams, hook turns, one-way lanes, narrow streets, bike paths, lots of pedestrians… Our professional team will help you move houses within the inner city while avoiding stress. 

South Yarra apartment move

Recently we successfully helped a customer move between inner city apartments/houses in South Yarra. Darren was concerned about renting a car to move places himself. This was because he knew how stressful driving within inner Melbourne is. Luckily, we are highly experienced in helping our customers move houses even in the busiest inner suburbs such as South Yarra.

We sent 2 of our professional men to help Darren safely move all of his belongings to his new apartment. The move was carried out smoothly, swiftly and stress-free. Our workers took great care of our customer’s belongings and moved everything in a timely manner. He was very pleased with the quality of our work and service. In fact, Darren was so satisfied he called us after the move to thank us. He praised our hard work and professionalism. Thank you Darren!

South yarra inner city move

Moving houses in Melbourne inner city suburbs? We can take the stress out of moving. Have a look at the list of our inner city suburbs move services or contact our professional house move service now.