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Moving Houses Became More Harder During The Covid-19 Pandemic

While moving houses was already bothersome before Covid-19, the pandemic has definitely made things much harder. A move that used to take only 30 minutes could take up to an hour because of all the precautionary measures we have to put in place now. And things can become more difficult during periods of lockdown.

However, we still push through in these uncertain times. Since moving houses is still allowed during the lockdown in Melbourne, we have managed to successfully execute moves during this time. In fact, we did one just recently – we helped a family move from Kensington to Carlton.

To ensure that both our staff and customers are safe, we had to require the family to evacuate the house before we came to execute the move – only one family member was present at the start of the move to give directions. Secondly, we asked the family to sanitize all surfaces that are prone to touch before we arrived for the move. These include doorknobs and tabletops.

Thirdly, since the truck only required one truck, we kept the number of movers to two. And to keep them safe, we equipped them with sanitisers and masks. Also, as we usually do before each move since the pandemic hit, we fumigated the truck to eliminate the chances of virus transfer.

Finally, from the beginning to the end of the move, our staff practiced social distancing and behaved professionally. Needless to say, both the customers and their belongings were able to move into their new home safely.

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