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Moving from Reservoir to Berwick In The Rain By Jake Removalists Melbourne

A large part of life’s novelty lies in its unpredictability – its ability to change in a second. But this doesn’t go down so well when it comes to the weather, especially when you are in Melbourne. This is the worst time for you to even see a hint of rain. Fortunately, Jake Removals Melbourne is usually prepared for such unexpected circumstances.

For instance, our Melbourne removalists recently successfully moved a customer from Reservoir to Berwick in the rain. Both we and the clients had counted on it being a sunny day when all hell broke loose. Fortunately, we always pack a lot of moving blankets and plastic wrap with us.

As such, it was easy for us to adequately wrap the client’s belongings in a way that made them waterproof. What’s more? We used some of the moving blankets to line the house’s doorway so that we could move in and out without getting water everywhere.

But what really helped us was the fact that we had enough staff onsite to make it possible for some to permanently stay outside and others permanently inside. This way, those who were inside could quickly pass items to the ones outside without much back and forth.

Also, Jake Removals were lucky in that the client’s compound had a sheltered area where we could pack the truck and quickly load it without having to be in the actual rain. All these factors combined ensured that all the client’s property remained clean and dry throughout the loading process.

And even when we were on the move, we were not worried about any leakage since our trucks are usually fully waterproof and regularly maintained. Needless to say, the client was thrilled when we safely got all their belongings to their new apartment and promptly unpacked them. Not only did he give us a good review, but he also sent a lot of referrals our way!

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