Friendly Customer Moving from Bayswater to Brunswick East By Jake Removals Melbourne

Friendly Customer Moving from Bayswater to Brunswick East By Jake Removals Melbourne

  • Ed is a very friendly customer of ours. He runs a business creating kitchen cupboards and joinery and arranging installments to customers homes. We have done close to 10 moves for Ed over the past year which is great and testament to the excellent service our movers provide.
  • During the month of August we conducted 2 moves for Ed that were to the same property but over 2 different dates to deliver all pieces of the customers brand new kitchen.
  • We arranged the first move for very large sized kitchen which required our largest truck the 10T. Loaded with plenty of space for all the kitchen cupboard and joinery essentials and also our high quality furniture blankets to secure all of the items.
  • Our team for the first move was Rob and Jay from Jake Removals Melbourne. A great team that are very hard working and efficient and have been working together for years so have great communication and respect for each other and as expected all items were loaded, transported and delivered in perfect condition.
  • The second part of the move was the remaining parts of the kitchen to complete the move.
  • Our small sized 4T truck was ideal for this situation providing just the right amount of space for the remaining pieces of furniture.
  • Our 4T team for this move was Ryan and Karl. Both great guys who are very friendly and hard working. They both excel in providing a great moving experience for all of our customers no matter rain or shine.
  • Ed was very delighted as per usual with the high quality service provided by our men for both portions of the move.
  • Another successful move and a happy regular customer who would gladly recommend our services to anyone seeking furniture removalists Melbourne

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