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Customer Moved For Doing Home Renovation In Glen Waverley

Customer moved for doing home renovation in Glen Waverley

In our years in the moving business, we have worked with a variety of clients. Apart from those who simply need to move from one house to another, we have also worked with those who need their belongings moved into storage so that they can renovate. Whatever the case though, we have always risen to the challenge.

In fact, we just recently facilitated a successful renovation move. Our client wanted to do a home renovation in Glen Waverley by 5J Building Group and needed to get their belongings removed beforehand. After thorough consultation between us and the client, we agreed to move the house items to a nearby store location.

Together with the client, we then took inventory of everything that needed to be moved and created a checklist. Afterwards, we presented the client with a detailed price estimate that they promptly approved. As agreed, on the day of the move, we arrived on site early in the morning and helped with packing before we loaded the items into the truck.

To ensure that delicate items were safe and secure while in transit, we wrapped them in bubble wrap and some padding. And when it came to moving large items like couches, we used doilies and sliders. Ultimately, while it was quite a hassle packing the items and loading the truck, it was done quickly and efficiently.

By the time we got to the storage unit, everything was still intact and undamaged, even though the unpacking process. Needless to say, the customer was so pleased that they promised to hire us again once the renovation was complete!

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